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Following the popularity of the game release, Kakyuusei was made into an anime OVA series, spanning 4 episodes. There was an unrelated anime already titled Kakyuusei, which is why this series is referred to as Elf ban Kakyuusei (Elf Version Kakyuusei). Due to the open ended (and somewhat generic) nature of the game, the anime invents its own story. While nothing spectacular, I've always been fond of the OVA which stands as the classic anime romance story in my mind. Due to the constraints of 4 episodes, most of the girls act as side characters. The girls featured are Mizuho, Miko, and Ai (with Miyuki as her ever vigilant bodyguard). The male protagonist is Tohru Nanase.

The OVA anime is produced by Pink Pineapple, more often known for their hentai anime releases. The artwork stays true to Aya Kodai's attractive designs and the animation is high quality. There are two versions of the fourth episode. The adult version has a brief, but fairly romantic sex scene for 2-3 minutes. The other version instead features other stuff to make up the time difference. It's hard to say which is the "real" fourth episode, as they both feature content not present in the other version.

OVA 1 • The First Hearbeat..

Mizuho Yuuki is a popular girl at school. She's attractive, and a star of the tennis club. Her life takes a strange turn when she finds a strange guy in her bathroom at home. Nanase Tohru's family has long known hers, and since his house is undergoing renovation, he'll be staying at the house for a while. While the rest of her family enjoys his company, Mizho is visibly upset about her classmate invading her home. Worse still, rumors circulate at school about them living together when gossip mongers see the two walking together from the house. Tohru fixes the situation by announcing over the school PA there is nothing between them.

Mizuho eventually accepts the situation, although still refuses to walk with him to school. It comes out in a lunchtime conversation that Mizuho's friend Miko is interested in Tohru. To make sure she's not intruding, Miko questions Mizuho about Tohru, but Mizuho dismisses the thought, saying they're only friends.

Although farther behind in the race, a cute but extremely bashful underclassmen named Ai has a crush on Tohru as well. Ai's been watching Tohuru for a while, but becomes concerned as other girls get closer to him. Miko especially. Mizuho, Miko and Tohru make arrangements to visit the pool on the weekend.

OAV 2 • I Wish I Could Be Honest..

The three meet at the pool, but Mizuho previously made a promise to take her brother to a movie, leaving Tohru and Miko together for the day. They enjoy themselves even if Miko's accident prone nature leads to touchy situations. While leaving the pool, Tohru runs into Ai and her friend Miyuki. They want to set up a double date, Tohru going with Ai, while Miyuki goes with Tohru's friend Minoru. Before Tohru can refuse, Ai dashes away; having already asked him out.

Meanwhile Mizuho has her own issues. While waiting in line for the movie, she encounters her rich classmate Haruhiko. With a bit of influence, he gets them ahead of the line, and treats them to food and drinks as well. But what is he really up to? The movie plays on, while Mizuho stares off into space wondering what her friends are doing at the pool.

After the movie, Haruhiko has them chaffered back to their home, just in time for Tohru to catch Mizuho coming out of Haruhiko's car. When he asks about it, she snubs him yet again!

The next day things get interesting when Tohru leaves for his double date. Ai is so bashful she skitters away each time he gets anywhere near. Meanwhile Miko prepared a lunch for Tohru and shows up unannounced at the house for a picnic, but finds he's not there. Upset over her friends disappointment, Mizuho sets out to search for Tohru, only to discover him on a date with another girl! In a heated argument, Mizuho shouts at him to get out of her house before running off. Tohru abides by her wishes, and leaves that night.

OAV 3 • Trembling Thoughts..

The same night, Mizuho regrets yelling at Tohru and decides to apologize in the morning, only to find him already gone. Her attempt at school gets cut short when she finds him chatting with Miko. The two have been going out regularly, and even kissed once. (a big step for a conservative girl like Miko).

Haruhiko asks Mizuho to join him at the upcoming Tennis Club party, and Mizuho hesitantly accepts. Ai also notes Tohru spending time with Miko, and confronts him to profess her love. Tohru decides to teach her a lesson about love... (with good intentions but a rather sinister method O_o;). That night Haruhiko calls Mizuho, telling her the tennis party will held at his house.

Mizuho arrives early for the tennis party at Haruhiko's house, and the two play a match, although she finds it odd no one else has shown up yet. Mizuho hurts her ankle, so Haruhiko takes her into the house to fix her up. Haruhiko makes his move, and since Mizuho can't escape; it won't matter if she's willing or not...

Meanwhile, Tohru notices Mizuho isn't at the (actual) Tennis Club party held in the restaurant where he works. A club member mentions she'd been invited to Haruhiko's house. Realising what Haruhiko is up to, Tohru rushes out of the cafe, barely arriving at the house in time to save Mizuho from the clutches of her classmate.

Later the two talk in a park, clearing up misunderstandings between them. After an awkward moment of silence, Mizuho suddenly kisses Tohru. Surprised by what she's done, Mizuho runs (actually more so hobbles) away, leaving Tohru alone and confused.

OVA 4 • Yearning For Warmth.. Forever

The next morning Tohru arrives at Mizuho's house offering her a ride on his bike so she won't have to walk on her injured ankle. As the days pass, Mizuho finds herself enjoying the bike rides and his company. She becomes troubled as her heart is drawn to him, even if he's dating her friend. Mizuho decides her friendship is more important while walking by a stream. Long ago Tohru gave her a key chain to cheer her up, which she's had attached to her bag ever since. As she prepares to say goodbye to her love and cast the keepsake into the water, she's interrupted by Tohru greeting her. While absentmindedly twirling the key chain around her finger, she drops it. Tohru recognizes the item he'd given her, but Mizuho runs away when asked about it.

That night Miko's dreams give her a premonition about Tohru. The next day she asks Mizuho to join her at a concert. How can Mizuho break the news to Miko? What will happen between Miko and Tohru? Will the girls remain friends through all of this?

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