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Kakyuusei was produced as a TV series a year after the OVA, often identified as Kakyuusei (1999) to differentiate it from the other two Kakyuusei anime titles. Thirteen episodes aired, with a 14th episode included in the DVD release. Seasons play an important role in the game, each setting the next stage for relationship progression. This is reflected in the TV series episode titles (as well as scenery), to evoke a sense of the season it takes place in.

The story is separate from the OVA, spotlighting most of the girls (except Mizuho who is a side character). The male protagonist is Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi. Of the many girls Tsuyoshi is acquainted with, is one of them be the right one for him?

Episodes 1-7 were fan-subbed by AniKyuMe, however the translations struggle with English, and occasionally don't make sense at all. Although my biggest complaint is using white text with light-blue outlines, making it nearly illegible (and hideous). So, I re-did the subtitles with major cleanup, translation corrections, and editing. I've never done this kind of thing before, so the quality is what it is. The timing is based off my DVD copies, and may not line up with other versions.

Subtitles For Episodes 1-3 (ass & srt)

Ep.1 • Spring Wind Prank

On his way to school, Tsuyoshi notices a girl looking up at a tree; concerned for kitten in its branches unable to climb down. Tsuyoshi rescues the kitten, but gets scratched in the process. The girl introduces herself as Ai, thanking him as she bandages his wound with her scarf.

Later at school, Tsuyoshi discovers a love letter in his desk, mischievously planted by his friend Minoru. The prank is for Tsuyoshi to meet at the agreed spot, only no one will arrive. While reading the letter, the wind blows it from his hand, only to be discovered by Ai. She's grown to have a crush on Tsuyoshi, so it worries her. Ai's friend friend Miyuki mentions Ai needs to take action or nothing will ever happen. While too timid to talk to him, she still finds herself near the spot mentioned in the letter, waiting to see who shows up. Will anyone's' plan work out as intended?

Ep.2 • Cherry Blossom Colored Heartthrob

The next day after school Tsuyoshi intends to return Ai's scarf, but she refuses. As the two debate the scarf, it's accidentally dropped on the road and run over. Tsuyoshi offers to buy her a new one, and this time she accepts. Even with a gift from him to cherish, she's still too shy to talk to him. Miyuki has another plan to fix the situation: she'll ask Tsuyoshi out on a date "for a friend". Tsuyoshi accepts Miyuki's offer, and everything goes fine until the day they agreed on.

Tsuyoshi offered to help classmate Miko that day, moving things around at her shrine. With her frightening father watching over them, he doesn't have much of a choice. Tsuyoshi works as hard as he's able, but the afternoon grows later and later with poor Ai sitting alone waiting. Finally she gives up and leaves. Will this spell heartbreak for Ai? Surely Miyuki won't forgive Tsuyoshi for this!

Ep.3 • Young Leaves Which Dream

The Dozka Cafe owner fancies Miyuki, and asks Tsuyoshi to hook him up. Tsuyoshi knows Ai is overly bashful but wants to patch things up, so he talks to Miyuki, suggesting they go on a double date. Miyuki is sour on Tsuyoshi, but the momentum for the double date is against her, so she agrees for Ai's sake (despite having a troubling dream about Tsuyoshi the night before).

Miyuki is uncomfortable with the older Cafe Master at first, but throughout the date she notices he's sweet in his own way. She enjoys herself more, as she begins to warm up to him. Things go smoothly with a movie and lunch. Then Miyuki pulls out tickets for an obstacle course tackled as a couple. Will athletic Miyuki wear out the Dozka Cafe Master? Will Ai be alright with Tsuyoshi? Will any of them survive an encounter with Miko's father?

Ep.4 • The Raincloud's Other Side

Taking refuge from a downpour, Tsuyoshi bumps into classmate Ryoko. She looks favorably on Tsuyoshi, but isn't impressed when she catches him eyeing her wet blouse. The next day Ryoko calls in a favor, and asks him to pose as a muse for a portrait at her apartment. It didn't seem so bad until he found out he has to do it nude. Tsuyoshi jokingly points out it's not fair he's the only one naked. Making things worse Ryoko agrees, and strips to her underwear. Tsuyoshi does his best while naked in front of a pretty girl in her underwear, but somehow makes it through.

The next day Ryoko asks him to pose again at school, but this time only his shirt is off. Haruhiko seizes the opportunity to take incriminating pictures of the session. The next day images are posted around school making things look very bad for Ryoko and Tsuyoshi. Ryoko later finds her painting ruined by cruel students, and begins to doubt her dream of becoming a painter. Tsuyoshi discovers the pictures were digitally doctored to look more racy. But how can he prove it and save their reputation? Will Haruhiko get what's coming to him? What does Ai think about all of this?

Ep.5 • Sea Breeze Chance Meeting

Minoru fancies Tsuyoshi's foxy coworker at the Dozka café, and wants to switch jobs so he can make an impression on her. Minoru works at a beach stand which sounds fun, but the realities of a hecktic beach stand is very stressful. Ai and Miyuki happened to be on the beach that day, and are surprised to see Tsuyoshi working there. Later Ai asks him for help, as Miyuki's confrontational attitude gets her into trouble, and on the verge of a fight. Tsuyoshi comes to the rescue, and begins to argue with the guys. The situation becomes tense, until classmate Mayumi shows up. It turns out the guys are friends of hers, and things resolve peacefully.

Tsuyoshi left his job hanging during all this, and gets fired. He takes a walk on the beach to mope about his situation, only to cut his foot on a piece of glass. A pretty girl named Mahoko offers to bandage him. While Tsuyoshi is grateful, she's oddly cold to him as the two part ways. With no job, he's now left to find a new one. Mayumi offers to help, with the condition he'll he'll hang out with her later in the day. Luckily he lands a job at a flower ship, which is coincidently where Mahoko works as well.

Ep.6 • Thanks for the Baby's Breath

Tsuyoshi does well at the flower shop, and through the hours spent with Mahoko, the two feel drawn towards each other. Although she doesn't mention it, Mahoko saw Tsuyoshi in the argument at the beach the other day. She doesn't like abrasiveness or fights, so she left the scene before seeing the conclusion. Reminded of the incident, she becomes distant. The next day Ai and Miyuki visit the flower shop. The beach incident becomes the topic of conversation, with Ai thanking Tsuyoshi for preventing the fight and going out of his way to do so. With a better picture of what happened, perhaps Tsuyoshi is the kind of guy she could fall for.

Ep.7 • The Summer Going Away

Tsuyoshi asks Mahoko out on a date, and she accepts. The two grow closer, and even kiss. Mayumi drops by the shop to cause mischief talking to Tsuyoshi, and Mahoko becomes upset seeing him taking to her so openly. Again she starts to become distant. When Mayumi notices Tsuyoshi really does like Mahoko she has a talk with her to clarify things. Although even with the misunderstandings cleared up, Mahoko's dream of doing flower arrangements may pull them apart. Mahoko asks Tsuyoshi to join her on the beach they first met. Will things work out, or will it be a tear filled goodbye?

Ep.8 • The Willful Cosmos

On his way to school, a car splashes mud on Tsuyoshi. As he arrives at the front gates, he finds rich girl Reiko getting chauffeured to school climbing out of the car. The two are on bad enough terms, but a new seating arrangement in class puts the two next to each other. The two argue enough to be given extra duty after class in the library. Even there the two argue, with Tsuyoshi getting angry that Reiko can't be civil and stop talking down to people. As he storms off, Reiko starts to see him differently.

The next day Reiko is home "with a cold", but her limousine arrives to pick up Tsuyoshi and take him to her house. Could Reiko be falling for him, or is there another nefarious fate awaiting him there?

Ep.9 • Fallen Leaves Passing Each Other

At the school's festival, everyone is involved in different activities. Miko and Tsuyoshi agreed to meet up, but can't seem to find one another. Ai wants to see him at her cafe, so Miyuki sets out to find him. While searching, she has a chat with Mayumi who notes Tsuyoshi defending her on the beach was almost like she was his girlfriend. Miyuki dismisses the idea and continues to look for Tsuyoshi, but her thoughts are consumed with what Mayumi said.

Miko continues to look for Tsuyoshi as well, but is cornered by Haruhiko who asks her out. Miko rejects him and gets away, however Haruhiko is furious about being jilted, particularly with Miko's interest in Tsuyoshi. Everyone begins to converge at the dance party but it's unclear who will actually meet up. Ai wins a school contest, and is suddenly very popular. When she arrives at the dance, she's swamped by guys and can't get away, only to see Miko arrive at the right time to nab Tsuyoshi for a dance.

While Ai is disappointed, she notices Miyuki intently watching Tsuyoshi. Uncertainty begins to stir, as she wonders if perhaps the two have an interest in each other, or if it's just her imagination.

Ep.10 • Premonition of Winter

Another day in school, except after the festival, Ai finds herself very popular. Haruhiko makes a pass at Miko, only to be brushed off again. Haruhiko is furious, believing Tsuyoshi is responsible. After school Tsuyoshi sees Miyuki hurt while practicing. He carries her to the nurse's office to bandages her wound. While she's denied it for a while, Miyuki finds herself liking Tsuyoshi more and more. While helping her up, she falls on Tsuyoshi, an incident witnessed by Ai.

Tsuyoshi drops by Miko's temple for a talk. Haruhiko has been filling Miko's head with all sorts of strange ideas she doesn't understand. Particularly what it means when a guy and a girl "go out". Tsuyoshi invites her to an amusement park so she can understand. The next day they enjoy themselves, but as Miyuki sees them leaving together, her heart becomes even more conflicted. Miyuki and Ai meet later that day to talk things over. Miyuki assures her friend there's nothing between her and Tsuyoshi. The two cross paths with Miko and Tsuyoshi returning from the park. As the four talk, it comes out Miko and Tsuyoshi aren't "together", and are only on friendly terms. Miyuki excuses herself since she isn't sure how to handle her feelings.

Ep.11 • Nighttime Snowfall

Ai musters all of her courage to ask Tsuyoshi on a date for Christmas Eve, and he accepts. When Miyuki learns of the date, she becomes glum but tries her best to hide it. Haruhiko unveils his evil scheme, telling Ai about his talk with Miyuki the other day when she confessed how she felt about Tsuyoshi. Ai calls Miyuki, but the two argue and hang up. The next day Haruhiko blackmails Miyuki into dating him on Christmas Eve.

Ai and Tsuyoshi exchange gifts on their date. Ai gives him a scarf she knitted herself which is very very long. When Ai mentions she's cold, he wraps the other half around her (awww). As the date comes to an end, Ai confesses she loves him. Tsuyoshi hugs her. He likes her, but isn't sure he feels that strongly.

Miyuki's date went badly, ending abruptly when Haruhiko pulled out the hotel key. As Tsuyoshi walks home in the freezing rain, he sees Miyuki shivering in a corner and crying. She runs into his arms before fainting from a fever...

Ep.12 • Winters' Withered Trees In The Wind

The following day, Ai is on her way to see a movie with Tsuyoshi, first stopping by Miyuki's house with a Christmas present, but Miyuki tells her mom she's too sick to see Ai. Haruhiko also visits Miyuki's house. Miyuki's mom mistakenly tells her Tsuyoshi is at the door (and she suddenly feels better =P ), but is dismayed to find Haruhiko showing up for another round of threats. Miyuki tells him off, but Haruhio follows through with telling Ai about her friend's confession.

Miyuki decides to thank Tsuyoshi for his help the previous night, and takes him out shoping for his thankyou gift. When the time comes for her to give it to him, she instead puts her arms around him admitting she's fallen in love with him. Tsuyoshi is unsure how to respond, but as the two walk through the park, they cross paths with Ai who runs off after seeing the two together.

That night the girls confront each other, but neither will deny their feelings for Tsuyoshi. As the two go separate ways, will this be the end of their friendship?

Ep.13 • Spring Breeze... Once More

Miyuki makes a date with Tsuyoshi, even though she feels guilty about it. Likewise Ai makes a date with him as well, but forgets to tell him when it is before running off. Later she slips a note in his apartment door with the time and date, but Tsuyoshi fails to notice it. When Ai and Miyuki next speak, they discover they both made the date on the same day and time. Ai runs away thinking Tsuyoshi has been avoiding her on purpose, and may want to be with Miyuki instead.

That night Tsuyoshi delivers items to the (closed) Dozka Cafe, when discovers a letter from the Doska Cafe Master specifying the date and time to meet with Ai, having overheard the girls conversation. Tsuyoshi calls Ai's house, but she's already left. Unfortunately Tsuyoshi doesn't know WHERE he's supposed to be to meet her... and with time running out...

He'll have to choose between them. One will have a broken heart, but will both have a broken friendship?

Ep.14 • Pleased To Meet You, I'm Tina!

Coinciding with a meteor strike on Earth, the next day an exchange student arrives at school. Tina immediately takes a liking to Tsuyoshi, and is affectionate enough that he finds it hard to escape her. Even so, when she asks him on a date, he accepts. Things will certainly get interesting.

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