Note: some Japanese words are romanized in an unusual format.

Mizuho Yuki

   Year 3, class C  (classmate)
   Birthday:         12th of June
   Measurements:     82-59-87 (cm)
   Blood type:       O
   Height:           157 (cm)

A spirited athletic girl, Mizuho is considered among the most beautiful in her class. She's a kind, considerate, sweet girl, but gets very direct when someone crosses her. While the game doesn't focus on any one girl, Mizuho is somewhat a poster-girl for the series, and likely the reason she was chosen as the focus character in the OVA. She only plays a background role in the TV series.

Miko Kamiyama

   Year 3, class B  (classmate)
   Birthday:        18th of January
   Measurements:    80-60-89 (cm)
   Blood type:      A
   Height:          156 (cm)

A friendly, upbeat girl carrying on the Kamiyama family tradition; Miko lives with her father at a local Shinto shrine. She's good at cooking, accident prone, and EXTREMELY dense. She's a main character in the OVA, but only plays a minor role in the TV series. Mizuho and Miko are good friends, which causes problems when both girls have feelings for the same guy. Contrary to her simple minded nature, Miko is sometimes has a sense of wisdom about her.

The word for shrine maiden in Japanese is miko, so her name is a bit of a pun.

Ai Minamisato

   Year 2, class A  (underclassmen)
   Birthday:        December 1st
   Measurements:    80-59-85 (cm)
   Blood type:      A
   Height:          153 (cm)

In the game, Ai is a cute younger girl with a crush on you watching from a distance, often from behind a tree. She's polite, and kind hearted, but so bashful she struggles to even talk to guys. Despite already liking you, she's not simple to win over in the game due to her shyness, and her over protective friend Miyuki.

In the OVA Ai gathers enough courage speak with Toru occasionally, and asks him on a date. Ai's notion of love isn't quite how it goes, so Toru decides to teach her...

In the TV series, she plays nearly the same role, but as the main heroin. Which makes sense as she's among the few underclassmen (kakyuusei) in the story.

Miyuki Iijima

   Year 2, class B  (underclassmen)
   Birthday:        8th of July
   Measurements:    81-59-88 (cm)
   Blood type:      O
   Height:          157 (cm)

At the start of the game, most girls regard you positively or at least indifferently. Miyuki on the other hand doesn't like you at all. She's the biggest obstacle for winning over her friend Ai. It's not clear if she's suspicious of all guys or just you, but perhaps her doubtfulness is warranted as you play an avatar in a date sim. She's athletic and attractive, but considered unapproachable due to her attitude.

In the OVA she's a sidekick to Ai, giving her a little push in the right direction to hopefully get the romance going with Toru. In the TV series, she spends most of the anime "protecting" Ai from the unclear intentions of Tsuyoshi. Despite her unkind hostile attitude towards him, she falls in love with him. This turns into a mess since Miyuki feels her heart has betrayed her friendship with Ai.

Miyuki is very much a proto-tsundere. The roots of the tsundere character type were first introduced in early date sims like Kakyuusei. The concept and definition didn't strictly exist yet, but girls in date sim games spanned a spectrum of opinions about the protagonist, typically with a few less friendly personalities. The challenge of winning over and thawing of the cold attitude character such as Miyuki became popular among date sim enthusiasts, leading to the prevalence of the tsundere today.

Ryoko Kano

   Year 3, class C  (classmate)
   Birthday:        11th of August
   Measurements:    86-60-90 (cm)
   Blood type:      B
   Height:          162 (cm)

Ryoko is an artistically talented girl who spends most of her time painting, in hopes she can realize her dream as an artist. She is intensely focused on her craft, to the point where she can lose sight of things around her. This makes her seem aloof, and classmates consider her hard to approach. Her role in the TV series parallels the game, where due to circumstances; you agree to act as her muse. This can progress into a full relationship in the game, but is more a friendship in the TV series. Aside from her artistic gift, she's also the most gifted in the bust department.

Reiko Shindo

   Year 3, class C  (classmate)
   Birthday:        14th of November
   Measurements:    84-58-88 (cm)
   Blood type:      AB
   Height:          162 (cm)

Typical for the ultra rich girl, Reiko even gets chaffered to school. She's haughty and arrogant, making her unpopular among classmates. She knows Haruhiko as his family is also rich, and they come from similar circles. While not playing a part in the OVA, she's featured in episode 8 of the TV series.

Mayumi Tachibana

   Year 3, class C  (classmate)
   Birthday:        28th of September
   Measurements:    83-58-86 (cm)
   Blood type:      B
   Height:          156 (cm)

Wild and seemingly uninhibited, Mayumi is the overly friendly classmate. Sometimes her extroverted energy is overbearing, but she only has the best intentions at heart. She especially dislikes Haruhiko and Reiko, although it's not clarified if it's because they're rich or snobby (or both). Mayumi is the first girl encountered in the game, but makes no appearance in the OVA.

She plays a minor role in the TV series, occasionally chatting with Tsuyoshi. She seems romantically interested in him at first, but shelves the idea when she notices his interest in someone else.


   Year 3, class C  (classmate)
   Birthday:        ?
   Measurements:    85-59-89 (cm)
   Blood type:      ?
   Height:          160 (cm)

Tina is somewhat of a date sim gag character. It's not uncommon for a date sim to include a girl who's an exchange student, or possibly of the supernatural sort. Tina is both! She's said to be from an "island in the South Pacific", although that seems unlikely unless they fly UFOs there. She makes no appearance in the OVA, but is featured in TV episode 14. Tina takes a liking to Tsuyoshi, but he'd rather escape from her.

Nana Minagawa

   Year 1, class A  (underclassmen)
   Birthday:        1st of May
   Measurements:    78-59-87 (cm)
   Blood type:      A
   Height:          153 (cm)

At two grades lower than you, Nana is the youngest of the girls in Kakyuusei. Nana is a junior member of the tennis club. In contrast with her young appearance, her thinking is quite mature. In the game she has a crush on Tina's brother Tim. When she confesses her feelings, he breaks her heart. Afterwards she becomes open to a relationship. She's only a minor character in both anime series.

Shizuka Mitsuki

   Year 3 class C  (teacher)
   Birthday:        21st of February
   Measurements:    84-58-88 (cm)
   Blood type:      AB
   Height:          159 (cm)

Shizuka is a teacher at the school, acting as a student advisor, and dorm manager for the building where you live. She has a mature air about her, and is known for being level headed.

In the game she starts with a high opinion of you, but it never goes up or down. Even after a key event makes her available, raising her opinion of you remains difficult. She only makes brief appearances in the OVA. She has a larger presence in the TV anime, but is never featured. She's the oldest of the girls in the series.

Minatsu Yamashita

   Waitress        (coworker)
   Birthday:       3rd of October
   Measurements:    84-59-90 (cm)
   Blood type:     O
   Height:         157 (cm)

A big part of the game is time management, and earning money. This leads to a job at the Dogeza Cafe, where Mitasu works part time as a waitress. She's also a student at an art college. While outwardly cheerful with a good sense of humor, she finds it difficult to place her trust in men, having been betrayed many times before.

Minatsu is a difficult character to win over in the game because Minoru takes an interest in her as well. It becomes a race, and if your standing isn't high enough after a point, you lose her to to your friend. She only plays a minor role in both anime series.

Mahoko Mochida

   Florist         (acquaintance)
   Birthday:       20th of October
   Measurements:    82-60-88 (cm)
   Blood type:     A
   Height:         156 (cm)

Mahoko works at the Kartoria florist shop, not far from the Dogeza Cafe. She's a serious girl, studious and a bit of a bookworm (attending a different school in town). She's kind hearted, reserved, dislikes fighting. She also loves flowers and nature. She only makes a brief appearance in the OVA, but plays a major role in the TV series.

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