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Aqua Grand Tour featuring Neo Venzia

Welcome to the Neo Venzia section of the Aqua Grand Tour. There are many places to visit in the 24th century, however Aqua is an experience like no other. While terraforming the planet Mars, an unintended side effect flooded of most of the surface. The planet was renamed Aqua, a name reflecting it's new appearance. Aqua takes 687 Earth days to orbit the sun, about twice as long as that on Manhome. The calendar of Aqua is split into 24 months, and seasons transition very slowly. Man made stations float in the sky to maintain a better atmosphere, and underground stations provide extra artificial gravity. Some nights are illuminated by the two moons of Aqua, one of which is very close and dominates the night sky.

In your vacation package, you will spend five days in Neo Venzia: a city built to model Venice Italy, lost on Earth due to rising water levels in the 21st century. Neo Venzia was created with painstaking detail to replicate the look and feel of the original, although some things were salvaged from old Venice and are authentic. Modern technology is limited in order to recreate an atmosphere of life similar to that hundreds of years ago. Laundry is still done by hand for instance. Neo Venzia isn't simply a copy of Venice however, having a few of it's own unique traditions.

An iconic feature of Neo Venzia, are the female gondoliers known as Undines. Undines are highly skilled guides to the city, taking years of training to qualify as one. Undines have three ranks, by tradition distinguished by their gloves. The lowest rank, pair; wears both gloves while learning the basics of a gondola, and hospitality for tours. A pair can graduate to single: an Undine who only wears one glove and is allowed to take customers provided a higher rank Undine is present. A full rank Undine is known as Prima, wearing no gloves. Upon graduating to Prima, an Undine receives an alias. We recommend touring with a full Prima, but riding with a single is done at a discounted rate and some people enjoy the experience of taking a tour with an apprentice. An unofficial title of Water Fairy is given to an Undine of exceptional talent. Currently there are only three Faeries in Neo Venzia, so if you want an unmatched touring experience from one of them, you will need to book an appointment far in advance.

AAP Touring Inc. recommends the following three water touring companies. For your convenience, we've compiled some information on each of them so you can decide who will show you the wonders of the city. It is tradition with touring companies to make a cat with blue eyes the president (for good luck). Please be nice to the cats you find around Neo Venzia. They might be a high ranking official.

Whether returning to Manhome, or on to new adventures; we know you'll have fond memories of your time on Aqua. There are many places worth a trip to view, but few offer a full experience as like that of Neo Venzia; with the unforgettable warm service provided by the Undines of the city.

AAP touring also recommends making a stop at the historic Armstrong moon base if you're returning home. This can also be provided as a part of a touring package if interested. A free moon prism crystal is provided to those booking before May 26th.

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