Aria Company was founded 20 years ago by one of the greatest Undines in recent memory. While she has since retired, the ideals of a relaxed friendly atmosphere remains. Aria Company is a very small business with only two employees, however the current prima is one of the three Great Faeries of Neo Venzia. Thus you'll have to book a tour far in advance considering her popularity. The friendly personalized service certainly makes it worth the effort.

The president of Aria Company is a pudgy cat named Pokoteng, having held the position in company since its founding. He's especially affectionate towards the founding Undine. He's taken an interest in the female president of Hemeya company, and lives in fear of the president of Orange Planet, Maa: a kitten who loves to latch on to his belly.

Grandmother Akino Ametsuchi

While every Undine who has worked at Aria Company attained widespread fame, Akino is one nearly legendary. She was formerly employed with Himeya Company for fifteen years, considered the best among their Undines, and the greatest Water Fairy of her time. One day Akino became curious about a cat she found staring out at the sea. Day after day it sat in the same spot looking at nothing. Even during a downpour, she found the cat still sitting there. She decided to spend the night with the cat holding an umbrella over it.

The next morning she felt refreshed, realizing how she missed such simple things about the world. Despite her days spent showcasing the wonders of the city to others, she had little time to appreciate it herself as her hectic life let time pass her by. She left Himeya to form Aria Company; a place she could enjoy a relaxed pace and appreciate the small things in life. She made the cat president of the company. Years passed, and Akino took on an apprentice named Anna, and later one named Alicia.

Snow White Alicia Florence

Alicia is the famed Prima of Aria Company, and its sole employee for a time. It isn't clear if Aria Company was intended as a one person operation, but it's ended up that way a few times. Alicia has exceptional skill in rowing a gondola. At age fifteen she became the youngest Undine ever promoted to Prima. Although the senor Undine Anna married and left the company, Akino decided to retire as well in her old age, leaving the company in the care of the young Prima.

Aside from her beauty, Alicia is noted for her cheerful presence and laid back approach to life. She is one of the most popular Undines in Neo Venzia, and considered one of three Water Fairies. Even among them she's almost too perfect. She's clearly kind hearted, but sometimes conspicuously oblivious to situations; sidestepping issues by hiding behind her overwhelming charm. Alicia does have a few worries, admitting she became so attached to her apprentice Akari that she hesitated to promote her. Alicia's catch phrase is ara ara (my my).

With her kind nature, Alicia's style of mentoring is one of encouragement instead of scolding. Everyone makes mistakes, so problems should be expected. In her philosophy, it's as much the responsibility of the teacher to teach the lesson, as it is for the student to learn it. She believes leading to the correct path is better than lectures about the wrong one.

Aquamarine Akari Mizunashi

Born on Manhome (Earth), Akari ventured to Aqua in hopes of becoming an Undine. In preparation, she practiced the basics of rowing on Manhome, but in the wrong direction (backwards). Although she's since relearned the correct way, she's still faster in reverse. Like her mentor Alicia, Akari has an appreciation and enjoyment for all things in life. Even mundane experiences can be a source of wonder to Akari. This makes her seem spaced out since she's often found with a dreamy expression and distracted easily. Her friend Aika often scolds her for not paying attention.

For unknown reasons, Akari attracts unusual supernatural phenomena. Rumor has it, ruler of the cat kingdom, Cait Sith; has taken an interest in her, and shown her mysterious parts of the world humans aren't normally allowed to see. Other mysteries of the world are also drawn to her, and everyone admits there is just something special about Akari.

Akari is a hard worker who trains daily with her friends, but also enjoys her work. While not noted for any outstanding feature, Akari has a warm presence that can win anyone over. She has an uncanny ability to make friends, and becomes well known throughout Neo Venzia simply by talking to people and getting to know them. Aside from her good friends and fellow Undines, Akari has a pen pal on Manhome she often writes.


Early in her career as a single, Akari met a young girl named Ai who was grumpy about her sister describing the wonders of Neo Venzia. Although inexperienced, Akari changed Ai's heart to see the city fondly as well. From then on the two often wrote to each other, with Ai occasionally visiting.