If quality is an important factor, consider Himeya Company. Himeya is one of the oldest water guide companies on Aqua: rated second in Neo Venzia. Being family run business, it is known for high standards, attention to service, and quality care of its customers. The company headquarters are thought to be a reproduction of Hotel Danieli in old Venice.

Hime is the president of Himeya Company. She's been with the owner's daughter since she was a kitten. She's a very prissy cat, and often rejects expressions of affection by Aria Company's president, but it seems his persistence may be winning her over. Like most cats; Hime has little interest in people, but she becomes attentive with juicy gossip.

Crimson Rose Akira Ferrari

Akira and Alicia (of Aria Company) have been friends since childhood. When growing up she was very much a tomboy, which evolved into her no nonsense attitude and personality. Akira is still very good friends with Alicia, but a bit jealous of her friend's natural ability, getting promoted to Prima before her, being able to eat and not gain weight, and just being... Alicia. As a Prima, Akira became much more feminine. She's professional yet charming, gaining her many fans over the years.

The talents of her friends Athena and Alicia made them stand out as Undines. This disheartened Akira when she struggled to be promoted to Prima, believing she lacked such a noticable feature. A chance encounter with the daughter of Himeya Company renewed her determination. Akira and her friends would eventually became the Great Water Fairies of Neo Venzia, however while Athena and Alicia are noted for their natural abilities, Akira became a Prima by strength of will. Her skills are the result of hard work and persistence. She is known for her hospitality and knowledge of the city.

Akira's method of teaching is through discipline and hard work. She is very strict and scolds Aika continuously during her rigorous training. Although she's hard on her disciple, she's always fair. Her exterior gives the impression of unforgiving sternness, but deep down she's a caring person with concern for her junior. While she denies it, it's hinted that Aikira used to be a cry baby in her younger years, much like Aika is right now.

Rosen Queen Aika Granzchesta

Aika is the heiress to the Himeya company. Her catch phrase is No sappy lines allowed, although the list of things forbidden grows beyond "sappy lines" to the point where Akira considers giving her the Undine alias of "Not Allowed" Princess. Aika is noted for being the "dependable one" compared to her friends. She feels insecure about this, since it's not a defining undine feature. While she projects a sense of confidence, internally Aika is emotional and worries a lot. She's strict in her training with her friends, but orders of magnitude less than what Akira puts her through.

Aika openly fawns over her idol Alicia, but secretly treasures the care of her mentor Akira. Rumor has it she's romantically interested in guy named Al. Al is known as a Salamander, employed underground among the stations which increase the gravity of Aqua to match that of Manhome. As consequence of this, he's very short, although over time he's gained some height as he's spent more time above ground with her.