While one of the newer water touring companies, Orange Planet derives its name from Aqua's heritage (although it is anything but orange now). Orange Planet has grown to become the biggest water touring company in Neo Venzia, however this doesn't mean service was sacrificed in the process. Some of the top Undines in Neo Venzia are employed here; one of which is considered one of the current three Great Water Faeries.

After the death of its previous cat, Orange Planet was without a president for some time. A young Undine in training kept a stray kitten in her room against dormitory rules. By tradition, a cat must have blue eyes to become a president; a trait the kitten coincidently had, and was adopted by Orange Planet as president. Maa loves bananas, and biting the president of Aria company on the stomach. She often accompanies the girl who found her.

Siren Athena Glory

Years ago rumors spread that Orange Planet hired an Undine who was an amazing singer. Both Alicia and Aika were Singles in training to become Prima at the time, and became curious of the stories. By chance they encountered a clumsy spaced out Single from Orange Planet named Athena. Akira intended to get the scoop on the rumored Undine, but Athena had no clue who it was. The three became good friends and trained together regularly. On a day the three practiced singing, they were awestruck by Athena's voice. It had been her all along!

Athena is notoriously spaced out, and seems to take pleasure in doing weird activities. Alice notes that while Athena's voice is one in a thousand, her clumsiness is also one in a thousand. Alice and Athena share a room together in the Orange Planet dorms, and she regularly scolds her mentor over her many mishaps through the day. It turns out, Athena can be attentive and graceful, it just requires a lot of effort and concentration on her part, which is probably why she's so worn out after work. She still proves to be a very popular Undine in Neo Venzia as one of the Three Fairies.

Athena's method of mentoring is that of subtle support. She never hints at her help, but is instead quietly content to see her junior happy in success. In the beginning, Alice viewed Athena as a burden and poor mentor. During a walk home from school, Alice was playing her usual game trying to only step in shadows. Alice stumbled and almost touched sunlight, but Athena quickly maneuvered her gondola to provide a shadow at the last second. She realized perhaps Athena had been helping her all along, but she hadn't noticed. While Alice continues to scold her senior, the tone is much softer.

Orange Princess Alice Carroll

Noted for exceptional rowing skills at a very young age, Alice was scouted for Orange Planet even though she's still attending school. Rowing however, is only one of many required skills for a Prima, and she has a long way to go in other areas. Alice tends to have an impassive expression, and she finds it difficult to smile. Her voice is very soft, making it it difficult to announce passage in canals loudly enough, occasionally leading to collisions with other boats. Her voice is also an issue regarding singing (a required Undine skill). Alice is very smart and masterful at making logical sounding excuses. With her stern expression, it's hard tell if she's serious or making things up. This makes her especially good at inventing ghost stories.

Aika often addresses Alice as Kohai-chan (Junior) and sometimes teases Alice about being a kid, although Alice is able to turn this teasing to her advantage almost immediately. She often uses the term dekai (huge/very-much) when describing things. Alice does show the side of a younger girl on occasion. She especially likes challenging herself to self imposed rules while walking home from school.