Welcome to incarnation 3.1 of Archen's Ah! My Goddess Page which is for the most part dedicated to the AMG manga. This page follows the English version of Oh! My Goddess released by Dark Horse comics and therefore may contain certain inconsistencies when compared to the original Japanese version.

This is the third time I've done this page, and it still retains some of it's... quirks. I've added parts, but unfortunatly it's kinda hard to navigate. Although I aspired to make something original, looking at things now I am hard pressed to find much that is unique about this page. As I'm not an avid web surfer, I can't say who came up with what first - but the fact remains that this page in many respects offers nothing new. With that in mind I've decided push forward and create a page which does the very thing I hate the most: it rehashes stuff that's been said many times elsewhere. Still I feel compelled to make this page in dedication to one of the finest Japanese comic series to date. Well hopefully you'll find something of interest or enlightening in here.