The General Story

It starts out with a guy going to college at Nekomi Tech named Keiichi Mirisato. While Keiichi is a nice enough guy, he simply never has any luck with girls. Partially because he's short. One day Keiichi is left to look after the dorm by himself, and decides to order fast food delivery. Keiichi accidentally dials the wrong number and reaches the "Goddess Help Office" instead. A beautiful goddess named Belldandy emerges from a nearby mirror, and informs him that she is there to help kind hearted mortals such as himself. She offers to grant him one wish. Never having a girlfriend himself, and with such a beautiful goddess sitting right in front of him, Keiichi wishes that someone like her would stay with him forever. The request is granted by the system (of the universe) and from that day forward SHE would stay with him forever.

Of course things don't go smoothly from there. Not long after making his wish, Keiichi is kicked out of the dorm because there are no girls allowed. The two are able to live in a nearby temple. From there things only get more complicated. Belldandy's older sister decides to drop in and "assist" their relationship. After that Belldandy's younger sister also drops in and tries to BREAK UP their relationship. Bad enough if the two were just there for a visit, but Belldandy's sisters end up stuck on Earth, and decide to live there as well. With all the supernatural weirdness that happens in Keiichi's life, it seems like things will never be peaceful again. But when your girlfriend is a gorgeous goddess it's to be expected that the universe won't let you off so easy.

Oh! My Goddess is a Japanese manga created by Kosuke Fujishima. The series has been published since 1988 in the weekly magazine Afternoon. The English distribution was first released in comic book form, but now as manga collections by Dark Horse comics. Oh! My Goddess has also been released as a 5 part OAV series, a collection of anime shorts, a full length feature film, and two TV seasons..

Aa! Megamisama... is it "Ah" or "Oh" in english?

The American manga is called Oh! My Goddess but I really don't think it matters. Oh, Ah, Ooooh, Arrrgh! It's all the same. I mean I'm sure the Japanese have a lot of translations for #@$%^&*#!!! too. So is it "Oh!" or "Ah"? Actually Kosuke Fujishima, the creator of the series prefers "Oh". Most all distributions of the series (many foreign included) use "Ah". The 5 part OAV, and the Dark Horse distributions both use "Oh", while Pioneer released Adventures of the Mini Goddesses, and the movie using "Ah". For a time I was confused on which to use, but somehow I got stuck on "Ah" and it's basically a habbit now. What it comes down to is use whatever the hell you want. Well enough of the Ohs and ahs... you'd think I was writing about a porno or something.