Animation: Fair
Depth: Weak
Design: Fair
Characters: Fair
Story: Weak

Type: OVA   (6 episodes)

Vintage: 1990


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» mecha
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Iczer Reborn

Also known as: Adventure! Iczer 3

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Although Iczer 1 defeated Big Gold, she fights other evil spawn descendants. This time it's Neos Gold. During a head on confrontation, both are left nearly powerless and need time to recover before the next battle. In the meantime Neos Gold descends on the Earth with her minions to taunt Iczer 1. In her helpless state, Iczer 1 can do nothing for the Earth, so her younger sister Iczer 3 is sent instead.

But while Iczer 3 is powerful, she's inexperienced and quite naive. As Iczer 3 dispatches the minions of Gold, each one of them is harder and harder to defeat. It's unlikely Iczer 3 can defeat Gold by herself, but perhaps her partner Nagisa is the key to make that possible. As the fate of the Earth and the universe lay in her hands, the toughest opponent arises from the ashes: Iczer 1's nemesis and sister, Iczer 2.

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Originally released as Adventure! Iczer 3, the re-release is titled Iczer Reborn. Likely to avoid confusion about this being the second installment in the franchise but using the number 3. This one is very different compared to Fight! Iczer 1, with overall lighter tone, significant downgrade in design/animation, and a much more 1990s feel. Wether it fairs any better... hard to say.

The Iczer franchise goes something like this. You have this race called Cthuwulf. Their home-world was destroyed and now they are in search of a new one. They were taken over by Big Gold who is quite evil. The Cthuwulf created the Iczers, super android chicks that are very powerful. Iczers seem to like Japanese girls named Nagisa, especially to use them as co-pilots for their prized super-mecha: Iczer Robo. The Gold family of evil beings likes to visit the Earth from time to time to nearly destroy all of humanity. Iczers and the Gold family don't like each other.

So anyway Iczer 3 (as a character) is rather annoying. Actually so is Nagisa and a lot of other characters in this series. As for plot lines, there isn't much to the majority of the series. Each episode goes from one fight to the next, and that's about it.

[+] Bad series, 1 awesome character

So I'll tell you why I actually like this series. Iczer 3 is all out annoying. So is Nagisa, and pretty much everyone else save Iczer 1 who I'm sort of indifferent about. Then there is the coolest character ever in the history of anime: Iczer 2. You see Iczer 1 was created by the Cthwulf to be the protectors of the galaxy and such, but when the Cthuwulf turned evil Iczer 1 became a pain in the ass. So Iczer 2 was created for the sole purpose of destroying Iczer 1. Neos Gold resurrects Iczer 2 to deal with the annoying Iczer 3, and Iczer 1. However Neos Gold tries to direct Iczer 2 to do "trivial" things like killing Iczer 3. Iczer 2 goes along with some of it but makes it known she has NO loyalties and will stop at nothing to destroy Iczer 1. It's that sort of bad-assness that I truly love ^^. As such I'm willing to forgo many of the dumb aspects to see more of Iczer 2. With the release in one disk, I can now easily fast forward through the bad parts as well.

Simply put this installment of the Iczer series doesn't have much to go on as far as recommendations go, so I guess I'll just say I don't recommend it. It's tough to say with my own personal bias, since Iczer 2 is hands down my favorite anime character of all time, making this series worth it to me. That's pretty crazy though, so I'm not going to tell people to follow my example in insanity =P

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reviewed by archen in 1997