Animation: Excellent
Depth: Fair
Design: Good
Characters: Weak
Story: Weak

Type: OVA   (3 episodes)

Vintage: 1987


» sci-fi
» mecha
» horror
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Fight! Iczer 1

Also known as: Iczer 1

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An alien race schemes to take over the Earth, but their covert plan is forced into the open by a warrior android called Iczer 1. Iczer 1 can't stand against them directly unless piloting a giant robot called Iczer Robo. This requires a partner power source, which a schoolgirl named Nagisa is chosen to do.

As the battle for Earth rages on, parts of the world are laid to waste. Various alien forces attempt to deal with Iczer 1, but are defeated time and time again. The next time things may go differently, as they create another combat android called Iczer 2. Nagisa doesn't want anything to do with fighting, and Iczer 1 may not be capable of defeating her new sister. Will the Earth survive?

Thoughts: >

Fight Iczer 1 has everything. Actually I'm lying and it only has three things: action, giant robots, and lesbian aliens. But if an anime only has three things, that's not a bad set of features. Fight Iczer 1 is an anime I've changed my mind about a few times over the years. Currently I think it's not bad for those wanting specific features, and not caring how bad the rest of it is. It's a niche title most will want to skip, but a select few may like.

The story is linear and pretty bad through the first two volumes. What tends to sink this show are the monster attacks. It doesn't go the ultra-violence route, but it is certainly graphic enough when reveling in tentacle monster attacks, something done often enough to become nauseating.

The focus characters are Nagisa and Iczer 1, neither of which I liked. Iczer 1 is a fairly generic noble hero. Nagisa is annoying enough that I figured the grizzly demise of the Earth might be a fair trade if she died as well. Where Fight Iczer 1 takes a turn for the better are the bad guys. The first big adversary dies, then her lover swears to avenge her. Aside from that a heartless rival is created in Iczer 2 (who remains one of my favorite villains of all time). There are some good dynamics in the antagonists, improving things slightly.

Although the first two episodes are nothing but tentacle monsters, whining Nagisa, and culminating in giant robot fights, Act 3 has some good sci-fi in it. As the back story fills out, there's a good amount of depth in there. A shame that wasn't spread through the rest of the show, but better late than never.

The reason to watch Fight Iczer 1? Old school animation quality. High quality anime of this sort was rare even when they used to exist, making it unfortunate it was applied to an anime which turned out kinda bad. Fight Iczer 1 differentiates itself with many incredibly well choreographed fights. There are no "implied flashes of action", every punch and kick in a fight is accounted for. The designs are VERY 1980s, which are well done but may not be the most appealing style.

There's quite a bit of nudity in this one. No reason for it aside from a cheap way to boost sales. The funky music soundtrack does it no favors by infecting it with a very cheesy feel, although some might enjoy that.

With all that said, I wouldn't recommend Fight Iczer 1. However for those few who only care about good action, and not only appreciate old school quality, but crave it; those features might make it good enough to pick up.

[+] Historical Note

I rented this in college, then got food poisoning that weekend. I became so dehydrated I started hallucinating and actually thought aliens were attacking me. Some people have cool stories about doing drugs for that to happen, but no I just have food poisoning and anime...

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reviewed by archen in 1997