Sakura Matou

One year his junior, Shiro met Sakura after his father died four years ago. She's a quiet girl with a kind heart and gentle demeanor. A year ago Shiro was injured and Sakura came to his house to help take care of things. Although he eventually healed, she kept coming by and it became the regular routine to help cook breakfast and dinner. However lately this has been troubling Shiro as Sakura begins to mature into a beautiful woman - particularly in the bust department.

Sakura has an obvious crush on Shiro, even if he's too dense to realize it. Sakura has a jealous nature, although she hides it well and she doesn't let it get the best of her. Still, having a beautiful young girl like Saber around would be troubling, especially when it turns out she'll actually be living with Shiro. While Sakura has doubts in the beginning, Saber's pure noble nature gives her an air of trustworthiness which puts Sakura at ease, and the two are soon on friendly terms.

Sakura mentions she only enjoys meals at the Emiya household, and Shiro notices Sakura is always alone. When he first met her she hardly spoke, and "hid behind her hair". Only recently has she started to come out of her shell. She's in the archery club, but doesn't socialize much. Nor does she have any friends. With good looks and a kind personality, Sakura could easily be very popular, but for some reason she withdraws from human contact.

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