Eldest of the three goddess that live with Keiichi, Urd drops into the fray to accelerate the kindergarten level relationship between Belldandy and Keiichi which hadn't even progressed to the hand holding stage. She likes to fancy herself a matchmaker, although her schemes never seem to work. Due to making mischief on Earth, her license is suspended and she ends up stranded at Keiichi's household. She adapts well to loafing around the mortal world, and spends her time either concocting potions or watching soap operas.

Urd has a somewhat platonic relationship with Belldandy from outward appearances, although the two care about each other. Earlier in the series Urd was completely out of control and often got into actual fights with Belldandy. As the series progresses author Fujishima sets Urd into a more calm and collected role. She's becomes a more mature goddess that likes to pry into other people's business with only occasional crazy episodes. This becomes more obvious later in the manga as Urd passively pushes Keiichi and Belldandy together, but doesn't expect significant results. Contrasting with her relationship to Belldandy, Urd is constantly arguing and harassing her younger sister Skuld. Urd often makes it a point to annoy her younger sister, and punish her for any misdeeds. Likewise Skuld takes any opportunity that she can in order to out-class her older sister.

Despite only being a goddess second class, Urd has many other talents and abilities such as her knack for alchemy. For just about any ailment, Urd has a potion to either cure or cause it. Urd's job in heaven is something like a system maintainer for Yggdrasil. Even though her license is suspended, she still gets calls from heaven when things really start to break down. Peorth performs similar functions in Urd's absence. Urd's license restriction prevents her from using her full power, but her quick temper leads her to use what she can quite often. Her favorite attack is conjured lightning bolts.

Unlike her sisters, Urd is not a pure goddess. She is half goddess and half demon. Throughout her life this led Urd to struggle with her identity and the path she chose. As a young girl, her best friend Mara was a demon. Eventually the time came to choose between becoming a goddess like her sisters, or a demon like her friend. Urd chose to be a goddess, causing Mara to hold a grudge ever since. Both of them try to show indifference even though it's clear the feelings of friendship are still very strong between them.

Goddesses all have angels, and Urd is no different. After becoming a goddess Urd rejects her angel World of Elegance after witnessing its half angel half demon appearance. Being confronted directly with the truth of her heritage terrifies Urd to the point where she refuses to call it ever again. On Earth Urd is finally forced to call her angel to save Skuld, and accepts it, but still believes her heart isn't as pure of that of a full goddess. Urd's mother is another touchy family topic, as Hild is the queen of demons. Urd feels she needs to actively reject her mother to remain a worthy goddess. Hild is mischievous and malevolent, but also a quirky adoring mother too, making their relationship very strange. It's hard to say if the two will ever be able to bridge the gap between heaven and hell. Urd does certainly take after her mom though.

In her own words...
  • You dare to defeat ME? I, who have played ping-pong at countless tacky resorts around the universe?!
  • Ho ho ho! You want whip action. I'll give you whip action!
  • ... g-gatta sing... some disco... to stop her...
  • Yeehaw! It's the end of the universe kiddies!!
  • You're totally naive Mara. If you're going to all the trouble of expanding your market share, then why not just take the WHOLE DAMN EARTH?!
  • Some things are visible only to those with the faith to see them.
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