Introduced some time after Urd's appearance, Skuld is the youngest of the goddesses that lives with Keiichi. At first Skuld's intent is to break up Belldandy and Keiichi, or simply getting Belldandy to return to heaven. As things progress, Skuld gives up on this and settles for "protecting" her sister from Keiichi. Lets face it, if there are two people who don't need to be protected from their not-so-raging hormones: it's Belldandy and Keiichi. Not that this stops Skuld of course, who always finds Keiichi suspicous and proceeds to punish him.

Keiichi would be hard pressed to find anything wrong with living with Belldandy. Urd is bothersome at times, but is tolerable. Skuld on the other hand, makes Keiichi's life hell. She takes things apart but never fixes them. She blows up parts of the temple. On top of that she's always "protecting" Belldandy from him. Keiichi proves he has a heart of gold by not strangling Skuld on a daily basis.

Despite her young age, Skuld is a scientific/mathematical genius. What she doesn't have in power she makes up with in mechanical inventions. Her crowning achievement being the small robot Banpei, which can be extended for many different uses through attachments. While he's intended to be an tool, Banpei develops a personality that resurfaces even when his memory is wiped. At first Skuld wasn't very happy about this, but later accepts it as a quirk of her invention.

When first introduced, Skuld wasn't much of a character, more like an extra who occasionally accelerated the plot. That has changed as she gets older, evolving into 'A girl coming of age' story. She grows from a simple brat into a girl struggling to become a woman/goddess. Also through Skuld's growth we see that goddesses are similar, yet different from regular people. While she first saw the relationship between Keiichi and Belldandy as something to be detested, eventually she sees it as something she'd like to have for herself one day. Skuld may have developed a slight crush on Keiichi, but doesn't seem aware of it.

In her own words...
  • I can do TONS of things without bombs!
  • Fiendishly cunning if I do say so myself. Nya ha ha!
  • Aw, Comon Sis! You only read the manual when there's something you can't figure out see?
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