Born into a family of considerable wealth, Sayoko considers herself to be a 'queen among women'. Before the arrival of the goddesses, Sayoko was the undisputed most attractive most popular female on campus. She was all too aware of this, and adored being the center of attention. All that changed one day when Keiichi made his wish, and someone even more beautiful than Sayoko arrived: Belldandy.

Sayoko is about what you would expect from a stuck up rich girl. She drives a BMW, has stunningly good fashion sense, and is completely self absorbed. While Belldandy doesn't pay Sayoko much attention, Sayoko becomes obsessive about Belldandy being her only true rival. To regain her title as the most popular girl at NIT, Sayoko hatches many schemes to break Belldandy and Keiichi up. This has the side affect of making her actually pay attention to Keiichi, and she starts to have a much more positive opinion of him. Even if she won't admit it.

For a long time Sayoko never knew Belldandy was a goddess, but suspected there was something really unusual about her. Despite spending a lot of time spying her, Sayoko could never dig up any dirt. By chance Sayoko sees Belldandy emerge from a traffic mirror, but dismisses the thought of trying to tell anybody. She comes to the conclusion that Belldandy is a witch.

At first Sayoko despised Belldandy personally, but this shifts to thinking of Belldandy simply as a rival. She doesn't hate Belldandy for her powers. Instead she finds it intriguing if she could best Belldandy despite her magical advantage. For a rich girl who always got everything she wanted, the challenge presented by this rivalry brings out the competitive nature in Sayoko. In fact she finds that the attention she used to get doesn't have the appeal it once did. Being adored isn't enough for her anymore; she needs to be adored more than Belldandy.

While quite smart, her intelligence is hardly ever directed at academic pursuits. Instead she uses her brain for scheming up sinister plots. Sayoko often has bad luck. Whenever there is some weird supernatural phenomena around town, she often ends up dealing with the side effects.

In her own words...
  • How amusingly old fashioned...
  • That's the best you could come up with? You're a goddess?
  • I don't want her to go away - I want her around so that I can gloat!
  • I'm shocked... I'm appalled... I'm... totally envious! I want magical powers too!
  • I knew it! You're going to knock me out and remove one of my kidneys and sell it to organ traders! How horrible!

Even Sayoko's hair gets disheveled when she's toasted

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