The character best known in the series is first class goddess who lives with Keiichi: Belldandy. Belldandy in many respects is the ideal girl. She's kind, elegant, charming and phenomenally beautiful; small wonder why Keiichi made the wish that he did. This also makes every guy at Nekomi-tech extremely jealous, and earns the ire of Sayoko for being dethroned as the "queen of NIT". What makes Belldandy truly special is that she is not only beautiful in appearance, but of equal beauty within. Described as kind, caring, loving, honest and pretty much any other synonym for all around goodness; Belldandy is almost too perfect even for a goddess!

She wasn't always this way however. In the early chapters of the manga, Belldandy was quite spirited and more normal... perhaps even a little crazy. Over time, author Fushishima refined her character and toned her personality down to the point that she is almost boring. Another way of looking at it, is that's what makes Belldandy, Belldandy - what the series became known for. While everyone appreciates Belldandy for being kind and caring, at times they also humor her for being somewhat naíve. It isn't entirely true that she's naíve, it's more like she has an idealistic sense of wisdom. It isn't so much that Belldandy doesn't see the dark side of things, it's that she's willing to overlook them to see the good no matter how obscured it is to other people.

Probably the only dark side to Belldandy is that she can feel a deep sense of jealousy, even though she isn't unaware of it. This is often inconsistent too. Her heart will feel jealous when an ordinary girl is (too) close to Keiichi, yet when Peorth is literally hanging off of him she kindly asks Peorth to "not burden Keiichi any farther with her provocative behavior". Even Belldandy's jealousy is rather rare considering how often she discovers Keiichi in questionable circumstances. She thoroughly trusts in him with all her heart no matter how things appear. Then again would anyone else be as deserving of her trust as Keiichi? The only other problem with Belldandy, is that she's not good at being drunk. Alcohol doesn't affect her, but she gets waisted off of a single soft drink. When intoxicated, Belldandy feels the misguided need to make everyone happy.

In her own words...
  • Whether a record of it remains or not, the weight of a promise is still the same.
  • If you use harsh words, your heart will become harsh as well. And don't forget; for a fight to the death you need a proper battlefield.
  • Alright -- Who's hurting my Keiichi?!!