Power of Anime:
an AAP Infomercial

Once upon a time there was a small kingdom named Forland. While the people were content with what they had, outside sinister forces conspired against them and sought to seize the lands of Forland for themselves. Would the kingdom fall, or could the army be rallied against the invasion?

Knight: Your Majesty, the monsters from the deeps continue to besiege the castle. Our defenses won't hold long.

King: We have no choice. Bring my daughter.

Princess: What can I do? We are only cartoons and I am only a princess. I can only act as Disney scripts allow!

King: Not just a cartoon, we are animated. All cartoons need not share the same dismal fate. Our kingdom needs you now, to learn the secret arts of what is known as anime.

Princess: Anime?

King: You must seek the hidden otaku vaults of our kingdom to learn more. But don't look into the H section.

Maid: Welcome, I am here to introduce you to the world of anime.

Princess: Anime? What's that? Why is a French maid in here?

Maid: French maids are common in anime as you shall soon find out. Archen's Anime Page is here to help with insightful articles, fan pages, and even reviews where you can learn many things including the sorts of powers often bestowed upon princesses in anime.

Princess: I must save the kingdom, how can anime help?

Maid: There are many different kinds of anime princesses, perhaps we can model you after one of those?

Princess: That looks a bit... extreme..

Maid: Take this Katana. It's a Japanese sword often used in anime. Don't worry about the plot details, just go back there and act like a badass and it will all work itself out.

Princess: I never had to do this much work in Disney titles...

Maid: Disney doesn't cut it here. If you don't want to spend the rest of your career doing lap dances for the Evil Overlord, take this sword.

Princess: Right!

Knight: They've broken through!

Princess: Just in time. You punks threatening my kingdom?

Evil Overlord: Hmph.. just the princess. Seize her!

AAP: Unlike princesses in those other animated titles, in anime:

AAP: With the power of anime, you can save this kingdom!

Princess: Pssh.. I didn't even break a sweat. If it weren't for Archen's Anime Page, I wouldn't have realized how awesome anime could be. Thanks AAP!