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Everything for Big Fire!

Vampire Miyu
Magic Users Club
Oh! My Goddess
Record of Lodoss War
Love Hina
Fate Stay Night
Hell Girl
Devil Hunter Yohko
Those Who Hunt Elves
Area 88
Tenchi Muyo
Burn Up

This website began focused on a single series, but branched out as I became interested in other anime. In the past people made web pages about things they liked with no particular goal in mind; usually turning websites into a sprawling mess, and I did the same. That's the joy of having your own anime website - unplanned messy spontaneous fun. I had many of ideas for pages at the time, but they've become very similar as I've lost creativity. Now days these pages are referred to as "shrine" sites, and few bother making to make them anymore. Which is too bad since I've always liked looking at what other people had to say about shows they liked and see what they did with a website.

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