This is a collection of some of the different looks of my main site. I guess it's egotistical to just show these off, but it's sad I put so much work into all this stuff which will never again see the light of day.

layout 1
?? 1998
layout 2
February 1999
layout 3
August 1999
layout 4
November 1999
layout 5
May 2000
layout 6
May 2001 (fav)
layout 7
April 2003
layout 8
June 2006
layout 9
June 2011

What's up with my page now days? After a long period of inactivity, I picked up working on my site again. I got busy doing life stuff that ended up being a waste of time. One day I came back and browsed through my page. I felt impressed I made something that didn't suck. I also realized how neglected it was, and set out to fix broken down sections. It's finally to the point I can add small segments without feeling guilty about the rest being so shoddy.

There was a magical time in my life when I had lots of free time, had tons of anime to be seen. Had a wonderful time watching it with people. *nostalgic sigh* Unfortunately those days are done. I still watch anime though, so and hopefully I'll add other things now and again.