When I started, I didn't know much about the Internet, and most certainly didn't know how to make web pages. Geocities offered a "page builder" utility that would make a site for you. At the time this was an almost unheard of service. Eventually I became adventurous enough to learn HTML, and experimented with switching things around. I had to deal with the legacy code of the Geocities page builder for many years however.

For their time, some designs were cutting edge. Keep in mind 1) Most people had dialup modems were SLOWER than 56k, so big pictures were out. 2) Netscape 3 was the most popular browser and had MANY issues. 3) Making a page was TOO big and complex could crash a person's computer - no I'm not kidding.

Year 1 snapshot
Year: 96-97 (first)
Location: Geocities.com
HTML pages:aprx. 15
Visits: aprx. 1200

Everyone has to start from somewhere. I was just happy to get an inline image on the page. Eventually I learned tricks like aligning images. The New Zealand flag is from the Geocities image collection. For the first few months my site was called Archen Sailor Moon. My goal at the time was to make two DIFFERENT pages (one for the Sailor Scouts & one for the Negaverse). My goal was to receive 500 hits (back then the Internet wasn't so popular so getting traffic was a difficult task). I later added a section called "other anime I liked".

Year 2 snapshot
Year: 97-98 (second)
Location: animanga.com
HTML pages:aprx. 40+
Visits: aprx. 8900+

By this time, I'd done many formating changes by re-arranging small bits of HTML on the main page. For the move to animanga.com I redesigned the site with this format. I always thought it looked simple, yet charming. By this time my site expanded to be larger than most anime pages. Oddly enough I got more mail about my page back then, than I do now.

My newest page was for Neon Genesis Evangelion. I had just uploaded to Geocities when they started adding pop-up ads to every page. Some of the really old pages are (nearly) the same as they were on Geocities.

Year 3 snapshot
Year: 98-99 (third)
Location: belldandy.net
HTML pages:290+
Visits: aprx. 129000++

By this time I my site had moved twice to land at scythe.net I corralled much of my site, organization wise, making it to navigate despite being bigger. I finally felt somewhat happy with my site. I wasn't sure where it was going in the future, but I knew it would keep growing.

Year 3 snapshot
Year: 90-00 (fourth)
Location: scythe.net
HTML pages:aprx. 450+
Visits: aprx. 158000++

1999 was the death (as far as visits go - down 45%), and 2000 was rebirth (as far as old pages go) - nice Eva tie in huh?. Instead of just adding pages, I rotated outdated ones out as new ones were added in. I concentrated on the site theme: "a resource for uncommon anime".