All About Archen

Although I usually don't talk about myself very much, I find that when I go to other people's pages, I like to go to the 'about' section and find out a little bit about the person who wrote it. You never know, out of the 5 people that visit my site a year, one might want to know something about me. If this seems long then keep in mind that I've added stuff over the years and it's... accumulated

Why did I choose "Archen" as an alias? When I first signed up for a Geocities account, I needed a member name. I tried a few, until I finally pulled "Archen" off the top of my head. Even though it was a female character, it sounded pretty unisex to me so I decided to go with it. The character was originally from a book... well so I thought. As it turns out, the character's name was "Achren" not Archen - so I managed to end up with an original name because of my bad memory. As far as I know I am the first Archen on the Internet. As it stands now, I'm rather glad I picked it, instead of choosing some generic anime related name which is common now days.

So who is Archen and how did he get interested in anime? Well one story has it that Archen was born one day in a far away land. Although being unusually cute, his parents abandoned him to run away with the circus. Archen was then taken in by a traveling band of exotic belly dancers where he learned many strange and unusual skills. One day during his travels while seeking a remote village, he became thirsty. He stopped by a large pool of water deep within a forest for a drink. It was there he encountered an enchanting spirit of the tiny lake. She spoke to him through the reflection of the mirror like pool. Her beauty and elegance quickly captured his heart. Before she left she told him "one day we will meet again, but through a pane of glass". He never forgot that spirit, and one day he happened to see a caricature who was very similar to that girl that had so bewitched his heart. He found this character to be inside a pane of glass.. hidden within a television set, in a format known as anime. And to this day he is entranced by anime, in the hope that one day he and that spirit of water would meet once again.

Archen shown here with his woman bitching at him for random reason #851

Another story says that he's just an ordinary guy that happened to watch Robotech when he was a little kid and has been fascinated with anime ever since... But who'd believe that??

So who is my hero you ask? Didn't ask? Well I'll tell you anyway because everything on this page doesn't really make sense. I would say that Wily Coyote is my hero. His persistence, determination, and inventiveness cannot be matched by anyone. But some would argue that he cannot count because he is an animated character. Okay Mr./Ms. smarty-pants, I'll pick a person then. So what should determine my hero? I figure the person needs to look good, and have incredible abs. So who would this be? Natalie Portman perhaps? I mean I remember watching Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. George Lucas spends millions of dollars on state of the art CGI, big musical score, top of the line actors (who act like cardboard cutouts) and with all of this frenzied action the only thing I said during the WHOLE move was. "Oh My God! Look at those abs!!" when I saw Natalie Portman's midsection. I mean this girl had a six-pack of steel. I still wonder if they didn't like paint those on or something. But here's the thing. I don't recall her having abs like that in any other movies, I think it was a one time deal. Like George Foreman beating Mohamed Ali. Doesn't detract from her achievement, but that does in fact put her on the level of others.

Archen being serviced by one of his many house maids he wishes actually existed.

So who would it be? I'd say Gwen Steffani. Why? Well first of all she looks pretty fine. And Second she was born in 1969 so that like puts her in her thirties, but look at those abs - they just don't quit. So yeah I'd say Gwen Steffani is my hero. Cuz like you could see her hopping around in a concert, then putting on a ninja outfit, sneaking into Chuck Norris's house and kicking his ass before he knew what hit him. Why? Cuz she's smooth like that. And if her abs were showing in the ninja outfit, Chuck Norris would be like: "Man I think I just got my ass whooped by Natalie Portman!"

Lets talk about anime... since this is all supposed to be about anime *cough*. I'm more into older titles than newer ones. I don't understand exactly why either, but I think anime used to have a passion and sincerity that modern titles tend to lack. I wouldn't say modern anime sucks, but it has changed over the years, into something I don't like as much as the pure charm some titles used to have. Every season has it's clunkers and gems of course, and that's never changed.

My favorite anime remains the Area 88 OVA. Despite being released over 2 decades ago, I still think this is probably one of the greatest anime titles ever made. It's got action, but it's very introspective and dripping with betrayal and a sense of vengeance. As a close second, I've come to truly cherish Aria as a favorite. The story about 3 girls who aspire to become tour guides using gondolas sounds kinda... boring. Aria has a thorough sense of slow moving charm that truly warms the heart.

Distracting his woman from the fact that he broke the computer again for the third time this month.

Despite not looking like anything special, Love Hina is probably my favorite manga. It starts off like a typical harem comedy romance title like many others. I was however stuck by how the protagonist spends many of the first volumes as a total loser, but then towards the end starts to assert himself and take charge of his life. I really liked that theme and didn't see it coming. The other thing I liked about it is that manga author Ken Akamatsu knowing how to have a lot of fun with his creation which gets really crazy and interesting at times. I was also able to get the rare but very cool bilingual edition for the first half of the series.

This is kind of embarrassing to admit, but my second favorite manga is Nana and Kaoru. It's about as close to hentai as a comic can get without sex, and besides that also happens to be centered around S&M. If I were interested in S&M I'd just admit to it, but I can't say that I am... which makes it mysterious why I like this one so much. A nerdy (somewhat creepy) guy named Kaoru likes to collect S&M gear. His childhood friend Nana lives next door and turned out to be a voluptuous hottie. "Stuff happens" where Nana ends up taking part in something almost like a mild S&M session. She discovers all of the pent up stress that had been consuming her had disappears. From then on the two periodically partake in the sessions they call "breathers". It gets interesting when "the rival" shows up in an athletic uninhibited girl named Ryoko. Ryoko thinks it's perverse until she tries it herself. From then on she's always bugging Kaoru for another "breather". Two cute girls competing, where the winner gets to be tied up. I love you Japan! The story is oddly cute like a more typical romance, but captures the tension of horny teenagers fumbling around in forbidden stuff. I guess I like that edginess.

Favorite Games

1PS2 Shinobi
2Wii Resident Evil 4
3PS3 Valkyria Chronicles
4ArcadeTetris the Grand Master 2 (death mode)
5PS1 Parasite Eve
6PC World of Warcraft
7PC Tie Fighter
8PinballIndiana Jones
9NES Metroid
10PC Command & Conquer Red Alert
11SNES Star Fox
12PS2 Ace Combat 4 & 5
13ArcadeStreet Fighter 2

Favorite Movies

11968Once Upon a Time in the West
22004Kamakaze Girls (Japanese)
3197836 Chambers of Shaolin (Cantonese)
41993Groundhog Day
52000Battle Royale (Japanese)
61998Saving Private Ryan
71999Fight Club
82000Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (Mandrin)
91961Yojimbo (Japanese)
101972The Godfather
111965For a few Dollars More --
The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly
121982Conan the Barbarian
131998The Big Lebowski
Diligence in doing his homework

It's strange reading this page as I've rewritten so many times as I've changed. I remember having a lot of pent up aggression, but I've chilled out a LOT over the years. I'm very patient, and unusually honest. My pet peeves are crappy products from China and waiting in line. My favorite pro wresting move is the Camel Clutch. My personality type is INTP. Other interesting facts about Archen: when I get frustrated playing video games, my nose will itch like crazy. If a game gives the option to walk an avatar instead of run, I'll do so if I think it looks cooler. I'm one of those people who reads about some affliction and becomes convinced I've have it - some being pretty severe, although thankfully I don't actually have any. The song I Want Your Love by Chic has a soothing effect on me, making me sedated and somewhat euphoric.

A book which I believe changed my life (for the better) is The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. If you're happy with your life and everything is fine, then good for you. However if you ever get to the point in life where you realize the direction you're going isn't where you want to be, I'd highly recommend reading it. As a self help book, it's not for everyone; and it does require you to believe what it says to make a difference.

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