Entry #218
Archen - the neutral male undead monk
Wednesday September 21st 2011
Fave Season: Fall
Fave Anime: Area 88 OVA
Fave Manga: Love Hina
Hello, is this thing on? Yeah no one signs my guestbook so I have to sign it myself just to confirm it still works. Sad I know. Opeth released a new album today which makes this the one holiday I recognize. Happy Opeth Day.
Entry #217
David - the lawful male human bard
Tuesday May 24th 2011
Fave Season: Winter
Fave Anime: Evangelion
Fave Manga:
One of the first anime sites I visited when i first got into it all those years ago.
Entry #216
Speedy Dash - the neutral female human wizard
Monday November 29th 2010
Fave Season: Spring
Fave Anime: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Fave Manga:
Entry #215
Misty - the neutral female dark wizard
Thursday August 19th 2010
Fave Season: none
Fave Anime: Ergo Proxy
Fave Manga:
Hey Arch, I love your site! ^.^
Entry #214
Archen - the chaotic male darkelf ninja
Sunday January 21st 2007
Fave Season: Fall
Fave Anime: Hourglass of Summer
Fave Manga:
Archen' here, I'm testing my own guestbook. Yes I know that's lame. Sad that in this short comment I had to use the firefox spell checker.
Entry #213
saba mahmood albayaty - the mysterious
Saturday January 6th 2007
Fave Season: none
Fave Anime: anything
Fave Manga:
Entry #211
renou - the mysterious
Friday April 7th 2006
Fave Season: none
Fave Anime: ai yori aoshi
Fave Manga:
this is true talent... live on and never stop burnin'
Entry #210
Mia Vang - the mysterious
Tuesday March 28th 2006
Fave Season: none
Fave Anime: All
Fave Manga:
You're really talented and I'm very excited and wish that you did recieve this email and so I wish you the best of luck and succeed more and more!! I'll always be your fan and support you 'til the end. So i'll always be glad to recieve more of your manga and read. So hang in there because all your fan loved you, writers a lot and so peace out!! Wish you the bestest luck ever! and 143, if you know what it meant! (143= I Love You) So wish you guys the bestest luck!!^o^ ^-^ Lots Of Love, Mia Vang
Entry #209
iv - the mysterious
Tuesday March 28th 2006
Fave Season: none
Fave Anime: All
Fave Manga:
You have very clean directions..that the reader can understand the elements of it. It is cool that you express yourself through art and drawings. I like it! The drawings show actiond and the feelings the caracter have so I love it! Thanks for sharing it with us!Keep up all the good work because I will always support your manga!Muahz! thanks!
Entry #208
Ia Vang - the mysterious
Tuesday March 28th 2006
Fave Season: none
Fave Anime: all
Fave Manga:
I like the page..it is very cool..this is a very coo manga page
Entry #207
Mai Kou Vang - the mysterious
Tuesday March 28th 2006
Fave Season: none
Fave Anime: Sana and Akito
Fave Manga:
I really your arts and it's really creative, too! so peace out!!
Entry #206
Cef - the mysterious
Monday January 30th 2006
Fave Season: none
Fave Anime: Your Mom, err.. oh wait to many to count
Fave Manga:
Word up' my flash dance brother from another mother. o.o You know archen even though your page isn't updated I still have to give you credit, it makes me feel like I have S-u-p-e-r AIDS! Thats right. Actually you're pages color layout has been pretty easy on the eyes and you have good taste in what images to use blah blah blah, I won't kiss your ass anymore cause you give me S-u-p-e-r AIDS!!! Btw I need to give you something bad right? So update you fool update!!! I want to see something new you whore, I'll kill you and bury you if you don't thats right!!!
Entry #205
stacy - the mysterious
Monday January 16th 2006
Fave Season: none
Fave Anime: any
Fave Manga:
Entry #204
Megsy - the mysterious
Sunday January 8th 2006
Fave Season: none
Fave Anime: Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
Fave Manga:
I've loved this site for years, for the FANTASTIC layouts, programs, and the sarcasm. I was really sad when it started slowing down, and I haven't checked in over a year until now. Still no more updates. :( I hope the site returns to its former fervor! But thanks for all your incredible work on the site.
Entry #203
bob - the mysterious
Monday November 21st 2005
Fave Season: none
Fave Anime: dual
Fave Manga:
Anime is a great step in our animation window and i relly like to draw them
Entry #202
sam finley - the mysterious
Saturday October 15th 2005
Fave Season: none
Fave Anime: so far berserk
Fave Manga:
pretty good site
Entry #201
Erin - the mysterious
Thursday September 15th 2005
Fave Season: none
Fave Anime:
Fave Manga:
Hello! Did you get my e-mail?

Great page, can you make a Pretty Cure website? Can you send me some Sailor Moon pictures?

... I kid, I kid.
Entry #200
Con - the mysterious
Saturday July 9th 2005
Fave Season: none
Fave Anime: Gundam Wing
Fave Manga:
It is so refreshing to see a well laid out site with information about some less well known anime. I can tell you've put a lot of work into it, and I just wanted to give my compliments, and I do think I'll be linking you in the near future! Awesome!
Entry #199
Raye - the mysterious
Monday June 27th 2005
Fave Season: none
Fave Anime: Serial Experiments Lain
Fave Manga:
Hello, I've been browsing through your websites for a while now and I must admit that they have really nice and clean content! While most websites these days aim for popularity and thus they include as much multimedia stuff as possible (mostly taken from somewhere else), it's really pleasant to see some real work, I appreciate it.
Entry #198
a - the mysterious
Monday June 6th 2005
Fave Season: none
Fave Anime: Dual!
Fave Manga:
i like dual becouse we all could see our selfs as a man sourended by a tone of girls but see them as frands and one more than a frend
Entry #197
buraki minayami - the mysterious
Saturday May 21st 2005
Fave Season: none
Fave Anime: Kakyusei Elf Version
Fave Manga:

I've never seen such a website with such a great dedication to details. Although I've seen only a bit more than the Kakyusei site, you are hosting a site which is nothing less than unique. It would be better for all anime fans if more people would run sites with the intention of expressing individuality.