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Entry #199
Raye - the mysterious
Monday June 27th 2005
Fave Season: none
Fave Anime: Serial Experiments Lain
Fave Manga:
Hello, I've been browsing through your websites for a while now and I must admit that they have really nice and clean content! While most websites these days aim for popularity and thus they include as much multimedia stuff as possible (mostly taken from somewhere else), it's really pleasant to see some real work, I appreciate it.
Entry #198
a - the mysterious
Monday June 6th 2005
Fave Season: none
Fave Anime: Dual!
Fave Manga:
i like dual becouse we all could see our selfs as a man sourended by a tone of girls but see them as frands and one more than a frend
Entry #197
buraki minayami - the mysterious
Saturday May 21st 2005
Fave Season: none
Fave Anime: Kakyusei Elf Version
Fave Manga:

I've never seen such a website with such a great dedication to details. Although I've seen only a bit more than the Kakyusei site, you are hosting a site which is nothing less than unique. It would be better for all anime fans if more people would run sites with the intention of expressing individuality.
Entry #196
Gary - the mysterious
Saturday March 5th 2005
Fave Season: Fall
Fave Anime: Cowboy Bebop
Fave Manga:
Your pages are among the most uniqe and stylized I've come across in years. However what's up with your programs page? I could REALLY use the note program, as I lost it when my old computer died. Otherwise keep up the nice work!
Entry #195
I_love_anime - the mysterious
Saturday February 5th 2005
Fave Season: Winter
Fave Anime: Inuyasha
Fave Manga:
I doubt the anime you watch are the same as mine but I'm 100% sure that if our favourite anime is the same, I would probably think that you're my saint. Anyway, i can see that you've done a good job of this website.
Entry #194
Erin - the mysterious
Wednesday December 15th 2004
Fave Season: Fall
Fave Anime: Hotaru No Haka
Fave Manga:
Hi Archen, great page as always. When did I last speak to you? Four years ago? But I can tell by the updates that you are still alive ^_~
Entry #193
sana-chan(akiyo's secret loving enemy) - the mysterious
Tuesday December 14th 2004
Fave Season: Winter
Fave Anime: Kodo no Omocha/,hack//sign
Fave Manga:
You're site is awesome I especially like the Kodo no Omocha site.I am like an actual living sana who hates an actual guy like akito.I loved sana's guide to acting like you're on crack!^-^ kewl site keep it up!Kodo no Omocha Rox so does anime and .hack//sign and especially Japan
Entry #192
~~NaughtY GiRl~~ - the mysterious
Saturday November 13th 2004
Fave Season: Fall
Fave Anime:
Fave Manga:
Entry #191
Helen - the mysterious
Monday October 11th 2004
Fave Season: Fall
Fave Anime: HunterXHunter
Fave Manga:
Your website is really nice!!! The layout is great and the information giving have opinion statements and very informative. It is clear and easy to understand!!! Hope you'll keep up the good work
Entry #190
Cef - the mysterious
Sunday September 12th 2004
Fave Season: Fall
Fave Anime: Great Teacher Onizuka
Fave Manga:
^^ How's life? Never see you on ICQ thought I'd check out the page good to see you are still updating it love the lay out as always,noticed you put up some anime lyerics and stuff. =p Though I have to say you need to add to your bitch page. ^^ ohhhh its Uni Text Font. =D Sweet, my hero. Anywho, know you are probly playing Everquest alot and working, anywho get on ICQ sometime you bum. =p
Entry #189
NATASHA - the mysterious
Tuesday August 24th 2004
Fave Season: Spring
Fave Anime: inuyasha
Fave Manga:
i love this site is cool.
Entry #188
Debra Mae Maigue - the mysterious
Thursday June 24th 2004
Fave Season: Spring
Fave Anime: Recca Hanabishi
Fave Manga:
this is cool. everybody should be indulge in anime activities
Entry #187
kumori - the mysterious
Saturday May 1st 2004
Fave Season: Summer
Fave Anime: gundam wing
Fave Manga:
your site is the best! i love how you give such a good analysis to all the animes. i'm gonna tell my anime-crazed friends about this site. they'll love it :) hope you continue your good work!
Entry #186
Pammy - the mysterious
Thursday April 29th 2004
Fave Season: Spring
Fave Anime: Rurouni Kenshin
Fave Manga:
This anime site ROX!
Entry #185
Jackie Lee Florian - the mysterious
Monday April 26th 2004
Fave Season: Winter
Fave Anime: Shamanic Princess (and much more)
Fave Manga:
Good evening, Mr. Archen. It is wonderful to stumble upon such a grand site such as this. It's not the web designs that make me lose my breath, but the sheer depth of the words. The text written on each page has made me learn more than a year of anime watching (and manga writing). It's simply a wonderful collection and I am certainly impressed. My thanks are given out to you and your complex mind. Please go on with your web building and letting the world hear you because people really are listening.
Entry #184
Amanda Kelley - the mysterious
Monday April 19th 2004
Fave Season: Summer
Fave Anime: InuYasha
Fave Manga:
Your site rocks, can you clue me in on how you find the stuff to put on websites? Have you heard of InuYasha? E-mail me any time
Entry #183
Cathy - the mysterious
Tuesday March 30th 2004
Fave Season: Summer
Fave Anime: yu-gi-oh
Fave Manga:
this rox
Entry #182
Melody - the mysterious
Friday February 27th 2004
Fave Season: Fall
Fave Anime: Tsuiokuhen, Serial Experiments Lain
Fave Manga:
You've probably heard that a thousand times before or have already seen the Kenshin OVAs, but I just wanted to tell you that on your Kenshin review page, you wrote it was probably going to be released under the name of Samurai X. But that's not true, what was cursed with this stupid name was not the Kenshin TV series, but the Kenshin OVA series. If you haven't seen it by now, watch it. There are two OVAs, Tsuiokuhen and Seisouhen. Tsuiokuhen tells of Kenshin's Battousai days, not like all the flashbacks, the real background from how he came to be Battousai to how he received his cross scar, and Seisouhen halfway tells rest of Jinchuu arc. This didn't show up in the TV series. They are not funny like the Kenshin manga or the TV series, but they have a nice epic feel to them and wonderful character designs + animation.I've been visiting this site since I started watching anime and its probably the main reason why I gave anime and manga a real try. AAP is wonderful, and you have a great sense of humour. Keep it up ^_^!
Entry #181
ashley haisler - the mysterious
Thursday February 26th 2004
Fave Season: Summer
Fave Anime: fushigi yugi
Fave Manga:
ever since my friend told me about anime i have gooten hooked
Entry #180
aakash - the mysterious
Thursday February 12th 2004
Fave Season: Winter
Fave Anime: aku
Fave Manga:
hii like this site very muchplz send message me about your site
Entry #179
rachel thompson - the mysterious
Tuesday February 10th 2004
Fave Season: Summer
Fave Anime: inuyasha
Fave Manga:
i really like anime especially inuyasha it rocks i have only wathed witch hunter robin once and liked it i thought it was cool