The symbol of the current devil hunter of the Mano family is the Yoma Ring. The origin of the ring is never stated, but it's been around since the first devil hunter, and binds some power of the most powerful demon Tokima. The ring (or similar trinket) is required to transform into a devil hunter.


Calling upon all that is good within her, a devil hunter may summon the sword of the soul. This requires she already be changed into the devil hunter attire. Since the style of sword doesn't change, this seems to be linked to the profession and not the soul. The design shares many features of the yoma ring.


A part of Yohko's distinct appearance is her hair style. The loops are kept in place by ornaments known as Shimi Seki. These stones have a natural attraction to each other, and glow when near another stone of its type. It's not clear if Yohko knew beforehand of their power, but are likely a family heirloom of some sort.


To become a devil hunter, you need the right equipment. While Yohko inherits the traditional items of Mano devil hunters, there are many other items and weapons passed through the ages. Asuza has a much larger hand ornament, and uses the Spear of Fuma as her main weapon.