Yohko is 16 now, and yearning to find love. The last thing a modern minded girl needs is old fashoned family traditions like fighting demons. She doesn't have much of a choice as the demons become aware of her devil hunting heratage and target her. Saving the world, fighting demons avenging her grandmother... that's nice and all, but for Yohko; killing demons to rescue the boy she had her heart on may be top priority.



It wasn't so long ago that Yohko became a full fledged Devil Hunter. Even if she's still learning the ropes she's quite accomplished, with her friend Chii appointing herself as Yohko's manager. Then a distant relative arrives, announcing she will become Yohko's apprentice to learn the trade as well. Asuza is certainly enthusiastic, but whether she has what it takes to fight demons remains to be seen.



A lazy Sunday afternoon would be nice, but instead Yohko is transported to another dimension. An old woman begs her to free a prince held captive by a demon. Devil Hunting is her job, and more importantly he's hot! Yohko is on the job!

With Yohko dissapeared, Chii is conserned about her devil hunter managment status with no devil hunter to manage, so she coopts Asuza to help retreive her with a summoning circle. Will they get to Yohko in time, or thwart her chance with love?



A collection of music videos with footage from previous volumes. Some of the music was previously featured, while others are new.

  • Go, Go! Love Coup by Aya Hisakawa
  • Not So Fast, Sexy Girl by Kaori Honma
  • So Bad Boy by Aya Hisakawa


For over 100 generations, the devil hunters have fought the most powerful of demons: Tokima. Now it's Yohko's turn. It's a difficult right of passage which she may not survive, but Yohko doesn't seem particularly serious about it. She sees the power of Tokima first hand when her grandmother is transformed into her youthful self as a side effect of her first battle. It's clear Yohko is completely outlcassed. How can she defeat such a foe?



Strange happenings again interfere with Yohko's carefree life. This time it's a family dispute. Descended from a line which broke free of the devil hunters, Ayako is determined to defeat Yohko and claim the title of true devil hunter for herself. She's certainly put in the training to do so, and seems to have skills far above Yohko's. While she's not interested in a fight, it's another story when she swipes the guy Yohko had a crush on. Now it's personal!