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While I already have a section for articles on anime, and a section dedicated to reviews, I need a section to fill the gap. My reviews have ratings, so anyone regular visitors can follow weekly releases. But for new visitors, hundreds of titles in a list, even if rated; is hard to digest. So I thought I'd create articles more focused on specific anime title recomendations (for various reasons).

Disclaimer: I am not an anime expert, I'm just a fan who's watched a lot of it. I don't go out of my way to watch "relevant" or "significant" anime, I only watch what I feel like, leaving large gaps in my experience. All of this is only my opinion, and it's an opinion others rarely agree with.

  • Handbook - I try to make my reviews a clear as possible, but explanations might be helpful in some areas. Particularly useful if you're new to the anime scene (you might get lost easily).

  • Archen's Corner - My take on the anime scene, how I relate to reviews, and my opinion on what some of the better titles are.

  • Statistics - A simple list of statistics regarding scores and number concerning reviews I've done.

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  • Decades of anime