Animation: Excellent
Depth: Fair
Design: Good
Characters: Excellent
Story: Good

Type: OVA   (4 episodes)

Vintage: 1994


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You're Under Arrest - OVA

Summary: >

Miyuki is the sort of police woman who likes to do things by the book. While on the job one morning she comes across a crazed woman on a scooter shooting across town and breaking way too many rules to ignore. Miyuki might look like a meek little thing from outward appearances. But get her behind the wheel of her police car with a supercharged engine and she's hell on wheels and has the skills to match. When determined, she won't give up either. But this woman on a scooter is something else. She's got talent, and stamina. And strength... is she really running with that scooter on her shoulders up stairs to escape? In the end it wasn't enough though, and the law breaker is apprehended. Oh and by the way Miyuki, this is you're new partner Natsumi. She was in a rush because she was late to work on her first day on the force.

While appearing very much like opposites, the two quickly establish very strong bonds. Friends, partners, and even roommates - the two become very close. But the thing that really sets Miyuki and Natsumi apart is the fact that above all this, as a team they're almost unstoppable. I say "almost" because when it comes to Miyuki's would be romance with a bike cop at the precinct, some things even a team effort can't overcome easily

Thoughts: >

Well there's other things I could get into in the summary, and in fact I could probably summarize the entire four OVAs pretty easy there. As such it's easy to tell that this run of You're Under Arrest! is short. So short in fact that you might wonder if it's worth the time to even get involved. Don't let the length detract you, because this series does everything right.

While each episode in the OVA is only half an hour, the story is cute, interesting, and fun while still wrapping it up perfectly at the end. While the franchise actually encompasses a LOT of content, the OVA develops characters just as far as they need to be in the time constraints, and for you to get to know them. As far as that goes, the OAV starts from the beginning, so in a way if you've never encountered this franchise, this title does quite a good job of doing introductions.

Now I thought a bit on what to rate this title as. I mean good, or excellent. It's actually a tough call. The animation may not have a dizzying array of effects, but it's certainly very well done and it never cuts corners. Music, sound, characters, story... it's all there. There are no flaws. For a buddy cop show that is just overwhelmingly charming, I just can't find anything that's a detractor here. Except... for the dub. Didn't like the dubbing at all, so I'll leave it at that. Highly recommended as a light hearted anime.

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reviewed by archen in 2000