Animation: Fair
Depth: Weak
Design: Fair
Characters: Fair
Story: Weak

Type: OVA   (3 episodes)

Vintage: 1997


» sci-fi
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Voogie's Angel

Summary: >

From out of no where they came, the aliens who wiped out nearly all of the human race. The remaining survivors fled to the bottom of the ocean which is the only place safe enough to regroup. After 100 years the human race's time is just about up. The only hope for mankind now is to retake the surface, and no one has even been slightly successful against the alien invaders. So a new team was formed: Voogies Angel - a group of bio-mechanical women who should hopefully pack enough firepower to hopefully drive out the alien invaders and restore peace, if they don't destroy everything themselves by accident.

Thoughts: >

I was rather impartial to seeing this title, and basically, I thought it was rather "lackluster" for lack of a better term. The story was rather flat and doesn't really grab you, not only because of the general content but because it doesn't seem to work what they have very well. Characters likewise are not all that likable. Animation wise t wasn't really great either. Movement wasn't bad, but the designs and execution thereof really doesn't fair all that well. So add some not so great dubbing on top of this and you have a pile of... stuff.

Now all said and done I can't say it was bad in any aspect, but there is a point where you don't want to eat food not because it tastes bad, but because it in fact has NO taste. And that's what I felt by watching Voogie's Angel. The fact that there is only 3 OVA's yet you don't feel like you really want more, nor care if there is more is rather telling.

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reviewed by archen in 2000