Animation: Fair
Depth: Weak
Design: Fair
Characters: Weak
Story: Bad

Type: OVA   (3 episodes)

Vintage: 1993


» action
» martial arts
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Variable Geo

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Variable Geo you could say, is one of the most twisted fighting events you could probably think of - which is probably why just about everyone in the world watches it when a match occurs. The premise is that two waitresses engage in combat until KO, or submission. The catch is that the loser has to take off her clothes in public. While fights up to this point have been clean (well as clean as they get considering...), someone decides to start pulling the strings behind the scenes with bio enhancements, steroids, and brainwashing. This sort of thing could get a waitress into some serious trouble...

Thoughts: >

I understood when going into this title that it was based off of some sort of video game. I came across the artwork somewhere on-line beforehand so I was somewhat familiar with the content. I actually didn't find out until later that it was a hentai game title. But you know despite the fact that it's a fighting game and would undoubtedly end up crap like all the other titles, there is some sort of potential here. I mean waitresses fighting to kick the crap out of each other. The loser is supposed to strip... Actually the game makes a bit more sense than the anime where things were sort of dumbed down for simplicity. The idea being that women compete for the title of Japan's strongest woman and receive a price of 10 million yen, and a house anywhere they choose. The tournament is sponsored by various family restaurants, who then get to have a contestant work as a waitress as a promotional gimmick. I'm pretty sure that the restaurants act as a patron for each woman which also determines what sort of waitress outfit they wear (I'm not sure on that). Anyway I thought that was sort of quirky and much more interesting than the simple waitresses fighting explanation in the anime.

But unfortunately any potential gains from that theme were squandered. Even so I've actually seen worse video game titles (Battle Arena Toshinden comes to mind). So anyway there's the usual culprits as far as drawbacks go. Virtually no character development what so ever. No plot to speak of aside from the laughable attempt at one. Generic 'fighter game' anime cheese. Etc.

Fight scenes were actually alright believe it or not, so the animation wasn't entirely a lost cause. Dubbing was... bad. Actually it wasn't the dubbing so much as the absolutely ridiculous dialogs they have. And I mean it's so bad that you'll be banging your head against the wall just to make it stop. So in the end it's better to avoid this title. It's not a complete waste, but there really just isn't much to go on here. However if you are willing to watch a title for hot anime girls dressed in waitress outfits kicking the crap out of each other then this title may be worth checking into. Actually now that I think about it, if you asked me if I would pay to see hot women beat the tar out of each other in a tournament dressed in sexy waitress outfits I'd be more than willing to pay for it - as would most any male. Perhaps they were really onto something here..

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reviewed by archen in 2001