Animation: Good
Depth: Fair
Design: Good
Characters: Fair
Story: Fair

Type: TV   (10 episodes)

Vintage: 2015


» action
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Triage X

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In a city where crime runs rampant, a group called "Black Label" takes it upon themselves to sanitize "cancers" of society. Arashi is a

ordinary high school student, but he's one of the

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Boobs? Guns?

If your answer is an over-enthusiastic "YES!", then I have just the anime for you. Triage X is an action packed fan service overload, with a budget making the aforesaid impressive, and bouncy. This anime isn't as bad as many decry with "waah, too many boobs!". Okay yeah, if you don't like them, certainly steer clear of this show, but the basics aren't bad by action anime standards (which admittedly aren't high).

First a warning, Triage X is VERY violent. It's sanitized of gory details, but overly brutal all the same. In a world where the bad guys are overdone, you're never sure if everyone will make it out alive. It makes the show a little more compelling in that it's not all talk - the bad guys do very bad things. Conversely there is an interesting theme in Triage X, where characters struggle with morality and justification for vigilante justice. This is would be appropriate if the anime weren't taking every chance to revel in depravity.

Speaking of depravity, the girls. Shower scenes, hot springs, random girl flogged in her underwear - I'm pretty sure every female ends up in a state of undress at some point in this show. If you like this kind of stuff (or are indifferent about it), this is a great feature. Otherwise it'll feel oversexed. When combining curvaceous girls, bad ass action, with good animation, you've got something worth hiding from your girlfriend.

The characters, their respective side stories and the main plot aren't too bad. They're basic but functional, easily on par with many other action shows. Triage X also has this thing where they tie in medical terminology, because the boss is a deranged surgeon, but I can't say it added much. and seemed an awkward fit. For what they are, I liked the characters. Arashi and conversations with his dead friend were an interesting touch. Whenever Arashi feels conflicted, the ghost of his friend appears, and questions his actions.

It's not a great anime, and perhaps not even a good one, but I wouldn't change anything about Triage X, it's exactly what it needs to be.

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Sayo: They say the only cure for stupidity is death, so get ready. When you're reborn, I'm sure you'll be cured.

Mikoto: Only someone who's honest to a fault could get htat upset for someone else's sake.

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reviewed by archen in 2017