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Design: Weak
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Type: OVA   (2 episodes)

Vintage: 1991


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Sukeban Deka

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Once there was a young pretty girl that stayed in her room all the time. Why did she stay in her room? Because she was in PRISON. Saki Asamiya grew has led a tough life, even if she's good at heart. When a school spirals out of control to the point where the police can't handle it, they offer Saki a chance to clear her name and get her mother off death row.

A school in bad enough shape to bring convicts in to clean it up means she'll have her work cut out for her.

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First some history. Sukeban Deka was a manga in the 70s. Then it was a live action series in the 80s. Now it's an OVA in the 90s. The anime incarnation starts at the beginning, giving the viewer a rundown of the situation quickly.

Sukeban Deka has a simplistic story concept, although very badass one. It seems well suited to serialised content that develops in a weekly episode format. The OVA is a short two episodes and feels like it's just getting started (which technically it is). The story of fighting the Mizuchi sisters is completed, but the premise situation about clearing her name and such isn't resolved.

For a 1990s title it has good and bad points. The character designs appear to be attempting to replicate the manga (or something) but end up looking rather bad. Otherwise it's a well produced show with some impressive animation.

The main reason I'd recommend Sukeban Deka is the influence it's had on anime and as a cultural icon. Even today you'll see the "bad girl" (usually referred to as yanki these days) in anime armed with a Yo-yo; Satsuki's weapon of choice. For a classic title it's only so-so, but if you're a fan of classic shows I'd give it a shot. The story is decent and the setup is unusual enough to make it worth checking out.

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reviewed by archen in 1998