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Type: TV   (12 episodes)

Vintage: 2001


» comedy
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Strawberry Eggs

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Having recently graduated college, Hibiki is eager to start his career as an athletics teacher. Things didn't go so well in the big city, so Hibiki moves to a smaller town. He's intent on taking a position at Seito Sannomiya Private School which has an opening. The problem is that the principal of the school hates men, and refuses to even hire one. Despite this setback, Hibiki teams up with his land lady to disguises himself as a woman. Hibiki is hired as the new and very popular teacher. Things will obviously be ... complicated.

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For a formula that seems so well suited to anime, it's odd so few titles focused on dress up gender bending which has done well for Hollywood films. Strawberry Eggs does pretty well with the material, but more importantly clears the biggest hurdle: the gender thing as a feature, not a crutch.

The cast is problematic for Strawberry Eggs, with Hibiki basically carrying the show. Apartment residents where he lives provide gimmicky comedy, and the staff where he works provides angsty drama. The core of the story revolves around Hibiki and his students. While the relationship between teacher and students is solid, the students as characters are lacking. This isn't a big deal, but don't expect to get too attached to anyone. Aside from Hibiki there isn't much to them.

Stories revolve around problems with Hibkiki's class, and trying to maintain his female persona. The stories are a little weak in the problems presented, and also in the solutions used to resolve them. Such faults can be overlooked as the main draw of Strawberry Eggs is the light hearted sentiment. I also give credit to the show for never forgetting the ideal of a teacher guiding his students. There's some fan service, but it never involves Hibiki. Towards the end, drama emerges with Hibiki getting too close to one his students. It looks like it's going in a bad direction but thankfully never does. Which is good because that would have betrayed much of what Hibkiki was working towards in the first place.

It's a pretty average anime, but can be much more appealing if looking for a cute feel-good series with its heart in the right place. There's a few lessons to be learned here too. Like the cross dressing guy is probably the least perverted person you know. Wait, that's probably not right. Anyway, the setup looks like it could go into dangerous territory, but this show keeps it light and sticks to its ideals. I wish it were more than it is, but I can't say I'm disappointed either. Strawberry Eggs is oddly likable, even if not particularly strong. A good choice for an upbeat anime.

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reviewed by archen in 2012