Animation: Weak
Depth: Weak
Design: Fair
Characters: Weak
Story: Weak

Type: OVA   (2 episodes)

Vintage: 1997


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Strange Love

Summary: >

Yoshida is beautiful, smart, athletic, and gets good grades in school. A teacher notices Yoshida on a TV spot, which would be against school policies. When confronting her about her secret, he discovers she's actually a cold heartless wench. Yoshida invites herself to his apartment one night, but could she have something else up her sleeve?

But lets forget the first episode, because thankfully the OVA does.

Yoshida walks in on her rockstar boyfriend boning another girl and breaks off their relationship. As the two argue in the elevator, she notices the new girl who's just moved in. Azumi will be attending the same school as Yoshida. Then she's overcome with strange feelings. She's always thinking about Azumi, her heart pounds whenever they talk. But she's not a lesbian or anything like that. Right? .. Right?

Her boyfriend notices Yoshida acts like she's in love, but not with him. When he finds out it's another girl he's pissed at first. The girl seems naive enough that perhaps he can hatch a plot to his advantage.

Thoughts: >

Not quite a hentai, Strange Love is more like soft porn, although it's possibly worse. Mostly. This OVA has two episodes which are very different.

The first OVA is absolutely terrible. Imagine the biggest bitch ever with ridiculously huge boobs, tormenting the most pathetic excuse for a man on the face of the planet. Mix in a boring uneventful story with random fantasies injected everywhere turning it into a disjointed mess. The first episode is garbage.

Taking the first episode as character development (Yoshida is a bitch, take my word for it and skip it), then the second becomes something not completely terrible. Trying to convince herself she's not a lesbian while fawning over the naive Azumi is kinda cute. This doesn't mix well with Yoshida's sex friend relationship with her boyfriend inserted at regular intervals. This blocks the a formula which could almost work. When Yoshida's boyfriend notices Azumi it gets kinda interesting, before it wraps up with a decent ending.

Strange Love is mostly a dishing of fan service, but anime has moved beyond the point where bare breasts can carry a show. Hell that's almost a side note expectation in anime these days. The first OVA weighs heavily on the series, but the remaining content is too weak to make it worth the watch either.

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reviewed by archen in 2011