Animation: Weak
Depth: Bad
Design: Weak
Characters: Weak
Story: Weak

Type: OVA   (2 episodes)

Vintage: 1995


» action
» mecha
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Sailor Victory

Summary: >

In the future local police are armed with mecha suits to battle crime. What happens when the police are seriously outgunned? They get the crap beaten out of them of course. But in addition to that, Sailor Victory appears in their giant mecha suits of extreme power. They will defend the city to the last, and hopefully won't make total fools of themselves in the meantime..

Thoughts: >

I watched Sailor Victory due to a rental store mix-up. That's good because I didn't pay to watch this anime, especially since it's a total waste of time.

Sailor Victory is a theoretically good anime concept gone wrong in nearly every way. A super robot fights crime in some crisis scenario, piloted by girls in school outfits (no that's seriously their pilot outfits). It's intentionally silly, intended as a comedy.

As is often the case with comedy failures, this one becomes drawn out stupidity. Some conspicuous things used as comedy material aren't explained either. Why dress up in school outfits to pilot a giant mecha? Why do the mecha look and attack like ninja? Even if a silly comedy, basic things surrounding the premise should be explained.

A total snooze fest that's a waste of time.

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reviewed by archen in 2001