Animation: Good
Depth: Excellent
Design: Fair
Characters: Fair
Story: Good

Type: movie

Vintage: 1991


» sci-fi
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Roujin Z

Summary: >

Caring for the elderly, it's something which is always of concern for a nation. But in Japan, the works are brewing for a new form of senior citizen care. The development of a new bed which can attend to EVERY need of an elderly person, without any outside assistance from people. But is this really a better, when there isn't even a person to care for the elderly patient? And does the very first test subject even WANT to be in the contraption? Strange gets even stranger when the bed starts to take on the personality of his long dead wife...

Thoughts: >

Roujin Z isn't epic in it's story, but the premise is certainly refreshing in its originality. It's strange to hear a machine weighing tons rolling down the street destroying practically everything while saying in a very feminine voice, "Don't worry honey, we'll be at the beach soon".

I very much liked this show. The concept is thought provoking, offering a great basis to work with. The progression of good intentions gone wrong works perfectly. Intelligent and phylisophical sci-fi is rare, and certainly a treat when well done. Highly recommended. According to the cover this was a pick of the week by Siskel & Ebert if you want a second opinion.

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reviewed by archen in 2000