Animation: Weak
Depth: Fair
Design: Fair
Characters: Weak
Story: Weak

Type: TV   (12 episodes)

Vintage: 2021


» fantasy
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Redo of Healer

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Keyaru was born with healing potential on the level of a Magic Hero. After recruitment, Keyaru endures years of the most degrading abuse and assaults imaginable from his own allies. During a battle, he seizes an opportunity to use a Philosopher's Stone to send his conciousness to himself in the past.

Now with knowledge of what will happen to him before everything went wrong, Keyaru will redo his past and visit revenge on those who abused him.

Thoughts: >

Redo of Healer is basically a hentai anime with some of the objectionable parts painted over (with censorship). Isn't hentai just anime with a bunch of sex? Back in the day hentai anime had an actual story for 95% of the show, and one or two sex scenes. Redo of Healer is something like that with a modern harem fantasy setup. Not a formula I'd want modernized but there it is.

There's plenty of controversial content, particularly surrounding rape (of both sexes), and the treatment of some women. As a title created by a woman and demographically popular with women according to some streaming site statistics, I'm not sure what to say about that. If this is a hang up for you, don't bother with this anime.

The term "healer" should also be clarified. I expected a clever revenge plot with the main character limited to healing, which would be an interesting juxtaposition. The full translation of the title is The Healer's Do-Over: Transcendent Healing Through Insta-Kill Magic and Skill Copying. Keyaru can absorb and learn everyone else's powers, making him so powerful that he rarely struggles. This creates a lack of tension since he can pull skills out of a bottomless bag of tricks for a given situation.

Keyaru is supposed to be a villainous main character. Leaving little to the imagination, this anime revels in showing what happened to Keyaru and what he inflicts on others. The story follows Keyaru's quest, as it sloppily stumbles through each part with occasional pauses for a sex scene. Through his adventures he collects various girls to worship him. One of the more unusual things about this anime: all the girls in a harem getting along rather well, although probably due to how shallow they are as characters. I didn't find them bad though, even if I think this anime would have been much better if they weren't drones. An example would be Flare, the princess who tormented him the most. She's a heartless psychopath, but after being brainwashed by Keyaru she doesn't really have a personality.

Production quality of this anime is wildly inconsistent in both animation and artwork, but often deteriorating a lot in later episodes. Redo of Healer is pretty hardcore with the kind of content it shows, with the censored version showing black bars and entire scenes becoming still shots of mundane backdrops. What's being hidden? Mostly sex and sometimes violence. Some of the dialog is toned down as well. The censored version weighs heavily on the show because the replacement background panning is super annoying. More importantly it blunts the main gimmick of this anime, which it's heavily dependant on.

Opinions on this anime are highly polarized with good reason. I'm at the point where I'll give any show a shot if doing something different, and Redo of Healer is .. different. That aside, it's poorly constructed and dwells on the sex scene of the week (being it's main feature I suppose) too much, with censorship completely defeating the purpose of the show (if that's the version you watch). Maybe a good watch for sadists, but I found it only somewhat not boring. Not worth picking up otherwise.

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Keyaru: Vengefulness makes people stronger. It blows away sadness, loneliness and the desire to die.

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reviewed by archen in 2021