Animation: Fair
Depth: Bad
Design: Weak
Characters: Weak
Story: Weak

Type: TV   (12 episodes)

Vintage: 2014


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Recently My Sister Is Unusual

Summary: >

Mitsuki's mother recently remarried, and they moved in with a man and his son Yuya. Mitsuki has a hard time adjusting to her life with the family, and it becomes especially awkward when both her mother and stepfather travel overseas for work, leaving just her and her new stepbrother living together.

One day a ghost named Hiyori posesses her. Hiyori was a former childhood friend of Yuya, killed many years ago. In order to pass on, she needs fulfill her worldly desires - including a full love relationship with Yuya. And she intends to do so using Mistsuki's body. Mitsuki isn't happy with the situation, but if a heart shaped lock filled with her feelings towards Yuya runs on empty, she'll die.

Thoughts: >

If you've heard anything about this anime, I doubt was positive. Among other problems, Recently Sister Is Unusual has a weak story, weak characters and trashy sexual content. I've become quite tolerant of crap anime over the years; even the more sleazy recent ones. But this one crossed one too many lines. It has a FEW good points, but the garbage overshadows everything else.

The premise is pretty insulting: a girl forced against her will to enter a relationship with her step brother, or she'll die. Saying a relationship feels "forced" is quite literal here. There's a lot of "fog" censorship due to nudity. Some content risque enough for scenes to switch to text based dialog boxes similar to a date-sim game. And lets not forget the preoccupation with plots revolving around Mitsuki trying not to piss herself. I can tell I've watched anime too long when I can type all that out unfazed. But what about the other stuff?

Thankfully Yuya has morals (a huge mystery considering the anime he's in). His (now busty) childhood friend returns to the neighborhood. She has feelings for Yuya, but also acts like a big sister towards Mitsuki, making their rivalry an interesting juxtaposition. There isn't much to them, but the characters fit their roles well enough and there isn't anything bad about them. It's the dynamic between miserable Mitsuki and the pervert ghost possessing and terrorizing her where the anime goes very very wrong. Since it's basically about them, there isn't much left to salvage the show.

Some people can see Hiyori's ghost, but little is said about that. Nor are details given on Hiyori's story, aside from end credit sketches. There are some good hooks for a better anime, but this one doesn't doesn't do anything except follow the same formula: Yuya tries to be nice, Mitsuki gets pissed, a few misunderstandings, stuff happens, then she has an orgasm and it works out okay. It's episode after episode of this. With so much junk content, it's strange I'm most annoyed with it being the same plot every damn episode! By the end it's no surprise Hiyori has only graduated to the "next level", so stay tuned for the next season (seriously, that's hardly a spoiler).

Recently My Sister Is Unusual doesn't go anywhere, and everything could have been done in 3 episodes. It's (maybe) tolerable and even somewhat amusing at first, but gets really tired the longer it goes on. After 12 episodes of this anime spinning it's wheels, I'm done. I'll watch more if Mitsuki's next mission requires her to get it on with the busty childhood friend. Since that's not going to happen (because that would be awesome), there's nothing to recommend here. Big waste of time.

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reviewed by archen in 2014