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Type: TV   (12 episodes)

Vintage: 2016


» comedy
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Please Tell Me Galko-chan

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• Otako: the nerdy girl
• Ojou: the rich girl
• Galko: the trendy girl

What kind of conversations would these three have on a daily basis?

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I decided to shy away from reviews of anime shorts, because there typically isn't much to say about them, and most feel like filler. Please Tell Me Galko-chan is a show I have no clue why I picked up, but found to be an amusing change of pace. Different is good, and so I figured this one was worth talking about even if episodes are only 5 minutes per shot.

A word of warning: Please Tell Me Galko-chan is very girly. I don't mean that in the typical sense of romance and drama. Segments deal with various risque theories/questions from a girl's perspective (hence the title). What do lips, hand size, and earlobes suggest about private parts? I'm not sure, so I wanted to know the answer as much as anyone. Inevitably many of these gravitate towards Galko's huge boobs and her defensiveness about what her areola size may or may not be.

As a comedy, it stays light and therefore (thankfully) a little unrealistic about school life conflict. It acknowledges teens fall into cliques, but everyone gets along. It has a nice sentiment about people being more than their outward stereotype, and how we can be friends with those falling outside of our "usual group", but it doesn't get preachy on it. This is most evident with Galko-chan herself, who is suspected to be a slut by the way she acts and dresses, but most in the class know that isn't the case (yet rumors persist). The classroom has plenty of variety in student diversity, which offers of material in itself. While the premise suggests the anime is about 3 friends, its more so about Galko-chan with her two sidekicks. If you don't like her, you won't like the anime.

Is it true Please Tell Me Galko-chan is worth picking up? I'd say yes. I had my doubts with the girly vibe, but the off the wall nature and unreserved topics became a good way to mix things up.

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reviewed by archen in 2016