Animation: Fair
Depth: Good
Design: Fair
Characters: Weak
Story: Fair

Type: TV   (13 episodes)

Vintage: 2015


» sci-fi
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Plastic Memories

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Giftia is the name for androids which are so life like, they're nearly indistinguishable from humans. People find odd uses for the androids, filling a void in their life and emotional needs. However their lifespan is only 10 years. Giftia must be collected before their expiration or they go berserk and a danger to everyone around them.

Tsukasa failed to get into college, but fell back on some connections to land a job at a Giftia collection center. He is partnered with Isla, a Giftia who keeps to herself. Tsukasa is determined to thaw her cold exterior, but will his heart bear the burden that's required to do so?

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Plastic Memories is a case of a good sentiment gone very wrong in implementation due to unoriginality and perhaps laziness. Although half assed in many ways, it comes around just enough to kinda work. This is probably the kind of anime which is more appealing, the less anime you've seen, but I guess I have enough of a soft spot left in me to overlook the many problems this one has. Worth it? Depends on what you want.

The core topic deals with androids which become so lifelike, they now fill a void in people's lives. With their known lifespan, how the people who have become attached to them cope with the situation of losing them varies. This is the setup for the situation with Isla, who doesn't have much time left. There isn't much insightfullness about all this, although some introspection of Isla wondering about purpose, and life are among the stronger features. It doesn't get so mired in this content that it becomes overbearingly depressing. Instead it becomes oddly frustrating.

For a viewer to emotionally commit to a bitter sweet title (which is obvious where it's going early on), the show is expected to do its part. In place of "the good times", Plastic Memories dishes out episode after episode of fairly lame "anime stuff". This anime is especially crippled by crap characters, screwing up nearly everything. Side characters are shallow and just there. The worst part about this anime is the male lead: "nice guy" freaking out about anything remotely sexual. Isla's traits seem to be a checklist of requirements, with her personality nearly absent.

The direction is clear as Tsukasa falls in love with Isla. Their relationship feels a bit ham fisted, but for the most part works. The buildup puts tremendous pressure on the ending, yet strangely enough it actually comes together. As much as I hate to admit this, it's because Isla grew on me, which is the key point to salvaging everything. The end does well with the bittersweet sentiment, carefully avoiding overplaying its hand. I wish the rest of the anime had this amount of skill applied to it, but better late than never.

Plastic Memories requires patience in wading through the typical anime junk (which should be toned way down). The sci-fi / philosophical parts, rare as they are; don't measure up. With all that said, if you're wanting a bittersweet anime, Plastic Memories delivers enough to make it worth watching. Weak all around, but the focused conclusion works (just barely).

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reviewed by archen in 2015