Animation: Fair
Depth: Bad
Design: Fair
Characters: Fair
Story: Good

Type: TV   (12 episodes)

Vintage: 2001


» comedy
» romance
» magical girlfriend


This is a priority one!
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Onegai Sensei

Also known as: Please Teacher

Summary: >

Kei Kasanagi has a rare disease which forced him into a hibernating state for a period of years. Currently he appears 15, although he's actually 18. Only his aunt and uncle know his secret.

One night Kei spots a UFO and is pursued by a mysterious being. He wakes the next morning not sure how he got home. Later a new home room teacher is introduced: Mizuho Kanzaki. She'll also be his new neighbor. While helping her unpack, he learns she was the alien from the other night. Kei agrees to keep her secret, but the two keep gettng caught in circumstances making it appear they're lovers. Once the principal finds out, Kei argues there's no problem since he and Mizuho are married. Which they aren't, but they quickly get hitched so the pricipal doesn't know. Yet another secret to keep. Things like "I married my teacher", or "I'm actually 18 because I was in a coma" or "My wife is an alien" aren't topics brought up in casual conversation, but these things are always tougher then they ought to be.

Kei is however determined to move forward and keep moving. He needs to accelerate; to make up for lost time. Together with his teacher, he plans on doing just that.

Thoughts: >

Okay, so the premise of teenage guy marries his teacher is really really stupid. If you can accept that, there's the question if this could be weird and perhaps fun enough to make it worth the watch. Oddly enough there isn't much of the quirky weirdness I'd say would have drawn me into this show, and it's more the standard gimmicky pandering fan service / comedy formula. It does a fair job with that at least.

But Onegai Sensei surprisingly comes around with it's relationships in characters, who deal with a fairly wide range of emotions. The bigger story isn't so much focused on Mizuho, as it is with Kei overcoming his illness. I won't say it's gripping drama, but it's well done and substantially better than the fairly crappy premise would let on.

Onegai Sensei is only average, but it's a miracle it's not a disaster. It's amusing in some respects even if often dumb. The more dramatic story fairs well, compared to it's peers in the fluff genre which often crash and burn with such content.

If only we could all marry our uber-babe alien teachers!

Quote: >

Mizuho: Do it even if you can't! This is a priority 1!

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reviewed by archen in 2005