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Type: TV   (12 episodes)

Vintage: 2016


» fantasy
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Myriad Colors Phantom World

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A few years ago a virus spread, causing changes in human brains across the world, allowing them to see beings called "phantoms". Some children born after this outbreak have special powers. Ichijo attends a school for students with this kind of gift. Together with long time friend Mai, they're in a club dealing with troublesome phantoms. Thus far they haven't had much success but their fortunes may turn with new members.

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If you challenged me to think up an anime as generic as possible, Myriad Colors Phantom World would be a possible result. It has complicated sounding explanations for what is basically high school kids with super powers fighting supernatural stuff. It's hard to say anything overwhelmingly positive about a show which is the same anime stuff yet again, but by the same token it's not a bad watch if that's all you need out of a title.

Color Phantoms Myriad World tries to sound smart, but I can't say I was convinced. It's like someone memorizing complicated sounding dialog and regurgitating it, even though it's clear the person talking doesn't have the intellect to back it up. This becomes more evident in the lack of engaging plots, although a few episodes come around enough for me to say I liked them. Otherwise they're just there. Mostly World Phantom Myriad Colors is pretty forgettable aside from Mai and her boobs. People require incantations to use their power. For Mai this involves her fondling her breasts for some reason. I can't remember what they were fighting or why, but I sure as hell remember those boobs. Other than that, nothing noteworthy.

Despite the many generic aspects, the comedy is okay and I liked the characters, even Ichijo as the male protagonist. I was bothered by the show unable to justify everyone's job in the phantom hunter club, as they seem to have overlapping roles - like highway workers where 2 guys dig while 6 stand there watching. But that's not exactly a deal breaker. Then again you can't have too many cute girls in a harem club if you're the only guy right?

Nothing about Phantom Myriad Color Worlds is particularly bad, so the good visuals slathered on top may allow you to forget how mediocre the rest is. Good enough to make it worth watching? Possibly. Taken as a whole with realistic expectations, it's okay. If seeking something for more than filling time, maybe not so much.

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reviewed by archen in 2016