Animation: Fair
Depth: Bad
Design: Fair
Characters: Weak
Story: Weak

Type: TV   (12 episodes)

Vintage: 2015


» harem
» supernatural
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Monster Musume

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Creatures such as harpies, centars and mermaids are generally associated as legend, but in fact they're real. After admitting their existence (long hidden) the government implements the "Cultural Exchange Act", where these monster species can live with a human host family. Kihimo had only heard of the recent influx of monster species, until he mistakenly ends up hosting one. Miia takes a liking to Kihimo immediately, even if there are difficulties with inter-species barriers. While Miia struggles with competition as more and more female monsters taking up residence in the home, Kihimo struggles surviving their affections.

Thoughts: >

If you think taking the usual harem antics, and injecting monster girls into it can salvage a show, you need to get out more. And yes, I need to get out more. If you hate harem anime, over sexed situations, generic waste of space male leads, or mountains of cleavage: steer clear of this show. On the other hand if you're too curious for your own good, I'd give it a shot. You'll know by the end of the opening theme of the first episode if you can stick this one out.

Monster Musume: Everyday Life With Monster Girls, begins with Miia the snake girl doing the typical harem thing, as she shamelessly throws herself at Kimihito. What makes this one different isn't the personalities of the girls (they're as stock as they come), it's the monster side which adds a new dimension of weirdness keeping it interesting. For instance Miia is cold blooded, and naturally gravitates towards warm things in the morning. Of course this brings up the question of how a guy could possibly have sex with a snake (girl), but as Miia continues to pursue Kimihito with not so subtle hints I kinda started thinking that was possible. Which isn't something I wanted to think much about. Thanks anime. Lets not even get into other physiological issues like putting boobs on a snake. Or how shedding her skin is among the most perverse things I've watched in anime. Sewing a boob on a zombie is a close second - also featured in this anime!

It doesn't take long before the biggest problem in this show becomes clear. There isn't much of a story, it's just episode after episode of Kimihito collecting more and more monster girls. Just as his house is bursting at the seams, the Monster Ops team girls are introduced, and of course they all have the hots for Kimihito too. The time remaining is spent on dates with each girl, although the very last episode does more of what I wanted from this anime - quirky fun stories about... every day life with monster girls. I'd really like to see more seasons featuring the girls instead of just adding more.

I liked all of the girls, and even those I didn't like grew on me, but more so wanted a story to go with them. Monster Musme is like walking through the Monster Girl section of the Museum of harem anime. The girls are on display more so than interacting with a story. Also, it's over sexualized to the point where it becomes kinda trashy, and a bit embarrassing to watch. Okay, a bit MORE embarrassing to watch. That might be a feature in a fascinating "this is so wrong I can't look away" kind of way. Lastly, I didn't like Kimihito as the main male. He's beyond generic, and often has a vacant facial expression making him look like even more of a dopey place holder.

As stupid as it is addictive, I'd give Monster Musume a shot... Maybe. In the realm of stale and tired harem concepts, you'd expect anime to throttle it back a little. Instead Monster Musume throws its head back in laughter, and hits the gas, going full speed into WTF land. The quality of the show isn't high, but it's wacky and weird, so maybe that's enough.

Quote: >

Zombina: I thought my stopped heart would start throbbing.

Gorgon Fact: Because their hair is made of snakes, they are troubled by the fact that they can't change their hairstyle.

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reviewed by archen in 2015