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Depth: Bad
Design: Fair
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Type: TV   (12 episodes)

Vintage: 2014


» comedy
» mecha
» satire
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Kenzen Robo Daimidaler

Also known as: Daimidaler

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Only one thing can stop the Penguin Empire from word domination: the giant mecha Daimidaler. The problem is that Daimidaler requires hi-ero particles to operate, and few people can generate them. While searching for a pilot candidate, Kyoko finds high school student Koichi can generate hi-ero particles on a level never seen before. The problem is that he needs to be worked up into a sexual frenzy to do so. Kyoko being exceptionally busty, her job is about to get much more involved when she becomes his new partner... to save the world.

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A old school styled giant robot show where the robots are powered by grabbing boobs; a more respectable site would probably talk down this kind of anime, but I'm like hell yeah I'll watch that! Kenzen Robo Daimidaler (Sound Robot Daimdaler) was released domestically Daimidaler: Prince vs Penguin Empire. It's not as simplistic in approach as you'd guess by the concept. It takes the old school giant robot theme too seriously to be parody, yet the concept is too silly to be a homage. Instead it's perched between them, which works well assuming the features of this anime are of interest to you.

At it's core, it's a classic giant robot show, and never deviates from that. There is one critical aspect this one had to get right: the opening song. Daimidaler totally nails it with an energetic, nostalgic song, which is true to the concept lyrically (which is pretty weird). However this lineage becomes problematic with giant robot fights. Sometimes they're interesting, but more often the show has them because it's required to. The robot designs are simplistic and abilities aren't anything special either. And why does Daimdaller the "sound robot" have a main attack called "finger beam" which is clearly fired from the palm of the hand? Anyway, sticking to the giant robot show "formula" works if you understand what it's doing. To get the most out of this show, you'll need to be a little familiar with shows of the Mazinger Z era. This anime goes in the same direction, but how it's done is weird enough in concept to make it entertaining.

There's plenty of nudity and obviously it's a bit perverse in the nature of the show and its comedy. It's not the most hilarious stuff, but I certainly got a few laughs, and the satire-ish aspects are amusing. In the end the humor isn't particularly cerebral, but I would say on par with most anime comedies these days.

Individual characters are only so-so, but the way they function as pairs and compliment each other works very well. Hormonally overloaded pilot Koichi, partnered with Kyoko; a busty woman who isn't so enthused about getting groped, even to save the world. Later on two high school students pilot another robot and generate ero-particles by their lovey-dovey fawning over each other, annoying the hell out of everyone.

At 12 episodes it somehow runs the whole gamut for a giant robot anime, making the "plot" seem absurdly compressed. Otherwise it's actually a decent story despite the dumb concept. I'm not sure what to recommend, as the target audience is clearly cut out, and there aren't any surprises. I liked it enough to say it was worth the watch.

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Kyoko: Like feathers, our memories lay fallen and swept away by the wind.

Kazuo: You got that?

Koichi: Got it. I don't understand, but I do.

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reviewed by archen in 2015