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Vintage: 2021


» fantasy
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I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years

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After working herself to death, Azusa was reincarnated as an immortal witch. Finding a cabin outside a small village, she dedicates herself to an easy going life. At level 1 she makes it a habit to kill a few slimes on the way to town to gain a small amount of experience and crystals. This leisurely life continues for 300 years and over time she becomes known as the Witch of the Highlands. She's warmly regarded around the town, as she's helped the villagers for generations.

Azusa takes a skill assessment while visiting the village but is surprised to find she's now level 99 and probably the most powerful person alive. Apparently killing 25 slimes per day for 300 years added up. Once word gets out it's a never-ending stream of adventurers challenging her to duels and asking for help. So much for the quiet life. Some visitors end up staying with her, making the house more lively than it's ever been.

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Asuza hooked me into this anime immediately. I adored her easygoing attitude in her newfound life. A slow place can still yield results when given enough time, leading Azusa to an encyclopedic level of knowledge and unmatched power. Even as she realizes her tremendous abilities, she's still humble and kind. It's a formula I'd like to see explored but the anime only kind of does that. By the end I felt this wasn't quite what I hoped for but okay all the same.

Within a few episodes a LOT of characters are piled into Asuza's house. The way they form a kind of family is the focus of this anime but I thought it went too fast. I would have preferred the characters (Asuza in particular) introduced slowly so more time could be taken to explore them. It may be a bit much to ask since the characters aren't very deep. I didn't feel very attached to any of them, which is a problem for a show mostly about the characters. I also got the feeling that aside from not being needed, often the show doesn't know what to do with them and has them around for no reason. I guess that is a lot like a real family.

I'm not sure I'd call this slice-of-life but it's not exactly an adventure anime either. Stories are episodic, which works well for a light hearted show that isn't trying to accomplish anything profound. Aside from episodes sometimes getting distracted by having Asuza fight something, the show skates by on it's cuteness.

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reviewed by archen in 2022