Animation: Bad
Depth: Bad
Design: Fair
Characters: Weak
Story: Fair

Type: TV   (13 episodes)

Vintage: 2014


» comedy
» It's a trap!
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Summary: >

Hime is a guy with problems. Hounded by debt collectors after his parents fled the house, things look very bad. Three girls in the student counsel offer to pay off the debt if he'll become their pet and dress like a girl.

Thoughts: >

Episodes are about 3 minutes each, so I'll keep this review short too.

Himegoto is all about the package. No, not the DVD sleeve. I mean the one hiding under Hime's skirt. I'm okay with the cute cross-dressing guy (a.k.a. "the trap") comedy, but this one is crippled by the setup.

This kind of comedy gimmick is best suited to supplement more substantial content. Like blackberry jam; I don't spoon it out of a jar, it has to go with something else. Himegoto is weak scaffolding for its one trick pony. Some parts I found amusing, just having a character named "18+" for example. Or occasionally people find Hime super cute, only to discover he's a guy, but get a crazed look in their eye because he's so cute they don't care anymore. That turned a little disturbing with the end drama, as two guys try to assault Hime, and the student counsel girls decide to film it instead of help him. That's f'ed up.

It's short, but lacks even enough material to justify the small time investment. If you're curious maybe try an episode or two (6 minutes), but I doubt you'll be impressed enough to watch the rest.

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reviewed by archen in 2015