Animation: Fair
Depth: Bad
Design: Weak
Characters: Weak
Story: Weak

Type: TV   (12 episodes)

Vintage: 2003


» comedy
» romance
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Green Green

Summary: >

In the remote country side of Japan, there is an isolated boys school; sometimes called "the last paradise for men". Talks are in the works for merging with an all girls school in hopes of forming a co-ed boarding school. It's decided that the girls will attend the boys school for a few weeks in a trial run. That sounded good on paper until the girls saw first hand what rampant male teenage hormones are really like.

During all this a girl named Midori is intent on winning the heart of Yusuke. The two are reincarnated lovers who couldn't be together due to a forbidden relationship. Yusuke however doesn't remember Midori at all. Will the two be able to bridge the gap of time, or will Midori admit defeat and allow fate to repeat their past? Will any of the girls come out of this experience without being completely traumatized?

Thoughts: >

Even watching the intro, I had a bad feeling about this one. But you can't judge an anime by its intro. Yet, by the end of the first episode I already knew this wasn't going to be good. Some of the main characters are so perverted that it is kind of entertaining. For a while... then it stopped being funny and started getting disturbing.

The characters are bad, and there isn't much to say about them. There isn't much of a story either. Each episode is basically a setup for heavy fan service. There is however the overall plot of the two lovers destined for each other. This seems like the entire point of the show, but Green Green hardly explains it, and it only becomes the focus during the last two episodes. It doesn't make sense to skip the main story in order to produce the garbage that is the rest of the show, Then again it doesn't make sense why there's a recap episode for a series only 12 episodes long. Anyway, it's very hard to care if Yusuke (blank slate) and Midori (moron) get together.

For a comedy, these things could be forgiven. If it were funny. As I said, the antics are amusing at first, but Green Green simply goes WAY too far. Worse still, nearly all comedy comes down perversion as a joke. Eventually it's just disturbing and hard to watch. Green Green is completely unoriginal, as if it were constructed by mashing together the most typical stuff you've already seen in anime. It's so predictable I started to feel like I had psychic powers.

Is it all bad? No. A few (very few) parts are ok. Despite everything I've said about how dumb this show is, the ending almost works. It's weak, but could have been a good ending in a better anime. Watching 10 episodes of crap for a sort of ok ending is a pretty bad signal to noise ratio.

I'd almost rate this weak, but it sinks to the lowest rating due to the pervert factor, and spots that are painfully bad. Anime isn't short on fan service shows, but these days you can find plenty of those WITH a story and likable characters. If you have a very high tolerance for fluff, this one might be watchable, but even then I'd say it's too weak to to recommend.

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Hikaru: Here's a song I stayed up all night writing for Futaba called "Ballad for Futaba, Part One. Single Magnum Passion 2003". My honey Futaba.. My sweet peach honey... Nice body! Dynamite body! Miracle body! Wonderful body!

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