Animation: Weak
Depth: Fair
Design: Fair
Characters: Fair
Story: Fair

Type: TV   (13 episodes)

Vintage: 2019


» fantasy
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For my Daughter I'd Defeat the Demon Lord

Summary: >

Dale is an adventurer who encounters a young girl lost in a forest. Her parents are apparently dead and she has no where to go, so Dale decides to take care of her. Um... that's basically it.

Thoughts: >

It's challenging to go in depth talking about this anime, partially because the title is an entire paragraph, but also because it's so straightforward. Latina is the ZOMG super adorable anime girl who is perfect for head pats, and Dale takes care of her. Stuff happens and Latina does cute things. The setup seems low effort but to the credit of this show, it's not obnoxious.

If there is one obnoxious part of this anime, it's Dale doting on Latina. For one or two episodes, his fawning over her is tolerable, but after a while it's like get over it dude. This anime isn't drama free, but due to the light hearted nature lacks deep tension due to the way you can be confident it will all work out.

If it's for my daughter I'd even defeat the Demon Lord may seem to be all fluff at first, but it is a little deeper in some respects. Demons are only briefly discussed, but seems like that could be really interesting. One of the best story points happens in the middle, when it goes into Dale's past. Another thing I got into, was Dale's involvement with an elf woman. Some races live longer than others, and this point is occasionally brought up through the anime which I wanted to hear more about. It seems like Dale and the elf were previously involved, but it didn't work out (hinting that she doesn't like to get attached). Unfortunately the anime frustratingly only flirts with these topics and brushes past them. If explored properly, I think this anime could have been a lot better, but as it stands it works okay for a feel good show. The fantasy environment and happenings throughout the show never get to a level of greatness but I never found boring either, making this an easy watch.

Worth watching? Considering how much real life sucks, anime is always here to provide cute anime girls for head pats. And for that purpose this anime delivers. It's... nice, but not much more than that. It's probably in the process of a bigger story, but I'm not even sure what the bigger story is. It says demon lord right in the title, so where's the demon lord? Unless *plot twist* Latina is the demon lord. Anyway, it's a cute show to pass the time.

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reviewed by archen in 2020