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Vintage: 1997


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El Hazard 2: Magificent World

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Fujisawa is fated to marry the rather clingy priestess Miz. But on their wedding day Fujisawa gets cold feet and runs off to do some "soul searching" while mountain climbing. Mokoto and the usual group set off to find Fujisawa, but discover a strange place isolated from the outside world. Stranger still, it's inhabited by Ifurita. Is it really her?

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The El Hazard OVA was self contained in what it accomplished. Which is why this second OVA shouldn't have been made. While there was room left for more stories in the El Hazard universe, the direction of the follow up is disappointing with so much potential wasted.

If you want an awesome comedy formula, the boozer teacher who's faced with the frightening prospect of marrying a woman who finally found a man to latch onto, is good stuff. Fujisawa is an awesome character, so this part of Magnificent World 2 is a potential goldmine for laughs. The rest of the cast essentially repeats what they did before. The princess was an unknown thing, sleeping through most of the first OVAs. That made her encounter hilarious once her true personality was revealed. In this series she's a main character and totally obnoxious.

Ifurita is clearly a big draw of the franchise, however with the conclusion of the first OVA, she wasn't available for the sequel. To rectify this, ANOTHER Ifurita appears. Apparently she wasn't as special like inferred in the first OVA series. It's disappointing to see her character cheapened to draw fans. The story isn't worth elaborating on. It does "the world might end because of super weapon" thing. It harkens to the first, but that's already been done and it feels like a re-run.

El Hazard 2 is a side story more than a sequel, and not even a very good one. This review doesn't say much, but El Hazard 2 doesn't do much. Lacking imagination, a good story, and bringing back characters screams cash grab - and it feels like it too. It's better to skip, but El Hazard fans may find it a passable showing. Maybe.

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Mizu: Damn men!

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reviewed by archen in 2007