Animation: Fair
Depth: Good
Design: Fair
Characters: Weak
Story: Fair

Type: OVA   (4 episodes)

Vintage: 1989


» action
» mecha
» comedy


when the criminals get tough, the police get tanks.
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Dominion Tank Police

Summary: >

The future of mankind doesn't look that bright. Actually it's pretty dark because of the dark bacterial cloud that hangs over the cities which blocks most of the sunlight and requires that people wear air filters. Crime isn't much better. In fact crime seems to be so rampant that the police were given tanks to help keep things under of control. Leona is a fresh transfer into the Tank Police, but on her first job she manages to destroy the captain's tiger tank. It doesn't look good for Leona, and she could end up pushing paper for the rest of her career. Then she gets an idea. Instead of a big clunky tank she has a hard time driving, she'd build her own tank that was smaller and easier to handle. But would such a small toy like tank really be useful?

Leona will have to find out because with Waku and the Puma girls on a crime spree, no one is safe. From stealing urine samples to art theft, Waku must be stopped.

Thoughts: >

Dominion Tank police comes from a bygone era when few knew what anime was, and there was a lot of effort put into making anime "suitable" for American consumption. One strange effect on this title was not just the dubbing, but the English soundtrack. In modern anime it is accepted that dubbing is one thing, but singing is off limits due to the colossal disaster that usually turns into ("Get Along" from Slayers comes to mind). The weird thing about Dominion Tank Police is that the music wasn't just dubbed in the parts with vocals, instead they just threw out the music entirely and inserted something completely different. The results were surprisingly really good and catchy as hell, especially the opening theme. In another scene, the puma girls dance to general Japanese pop type music during one scene, but in the dub it's changed to stripper music that I would say is about everything you would imagine stripper music to be (seriously awesome).

Odd dubbing notes aside, Dominion Tank Police is an older title mainly intended as a comedy piece. It's an over the top anime that relies a bit too heavy on it's theme to pull it through. The comedy bits were alright, but not not enough to warrant watching either. Hmm... The designs were fair, but it's generally the better quality animation that pulls it through with a decent amount of creativity and smooth flow. It then seems like a mystery that the second act basically drops most of the comedy. There isn't much ground for Dominion to stand on under these circumstances.

The newer generation of anime fans is rarely aware of this title, and for good reason. It's not bad, but it's completely forgettable. I think if it was trying to achieve anything, it was a sense of fun through blowing things up but only managed an uninspired version of that. Despite the fact that I sound down on this series and wouldn't go out of my way to recommend it, it has it's moments. Just... not enough of them.

Quote: >

Lt: There's two things a policeman needs. You gatta be smart and you gatta have balls

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reviewed by archen in 1998