Animation: Fair
Depth: Good
Design: Fair
Characters: Fair
Story: Weak

Type: TV   (12 episodes)

Vintage: 2019


» drama
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Domestic Girlfriend

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Natsuo has a crush on Hina. Unfortunately she's a teacher and he's just a student so the relationship has never progressed beyond friendliness. Natsuo attends a mixer with friends where me meets an aloof girl named Rui. While she seems uninterested in him, they break off with the group and end up sleeping together. The two part ways unlikely to ever meet again as she was only interested in losing her virginity. Not long after his dad announces his intention to re-marry. Meeting the family takes an odd turl when the woman in question brings her two daughters: Rui and Hina.


The three end up living together under the same roof and things get very weird. Natsuo and Rui keep somewhat emotionally distant, despite their previous encounter still lingering between them and Rui not being as disinterested as she suggests. Harder still Natsuo finds it hard to suppress his feelings towards Hina, and despite the problems it will cause, Hina may be swayed to to return them.

Thoughts: >

While a little difficult to follow where the story progressed at first, Domestic Girlfriend hooked me right away. Admittedly it didn't seem like much at first but then dropped a bomb with Natsuo and Rui sleeping together in the first episode. Then they're all living together. I can't say I had expectations because I had no idea where it could go. Domestic Girlfriend doesn't focus on a single story, with a fair amount of sub plots which are mostly decent.

Instead of riding the awkward living at home with two girls theme (sort of), Rui and Natsuo tend to be the most involved in that way, with Natsuo still having a hard time interacting with her, and Rui giving mixed signals - which is easy for her since she's one of those no emotion types. Natsuo is still drawn towards Hina, but then learns she's having an affair with a married man. Natsuo is also interested in becoming a novelist, leading him to join the school literature club which has it's ups and downs. A girl who is apparently the village bicycle takes an interest in him which goes on for a few episodes too. Out of all the female temptations Natsuo encounters, I admit I'm most susceptible to the big boobs / twin tails type so I'm most sympathetic to that. After all these detours with the main story simmering in the backdrop, eventually it gets focused.

And oddly enough it's the main story I had the biggest problem with. The thought that most ofen went through my head was "What are you doing?!" Rui can't leave well enough alone and pushes Natsuo into kissing her. Hina is with a married man but then accepts Natsuo's advances once that's over.

Confession time: I'm getting unhappy year after year watching half (if even that) shows with no conclusion. These days I hold back on reviews for shows that don't end, but hardly any do. I probably should be more annoyed than I am honestly, but often they're still worth picking up. In the case of Domestic Girlfriend, it ends in a bad spot. In the last episode I'm like no! You CAN'T end it right here... but then they did. It's not even a proper wind up, making the show nearly a waste of time. It's not that bad, but I feel it's not even worth picking up considering how far it gets. Domestic Girlfriend isn't bad, and I'll probably (maybe... not so sure now..) rate it higher if more is made and some progression happens. I decided to be harder on this one, so I wouldn't recommend it right now.

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reviewed by archen in 2019